Jul 292017

Illustration by Yasmine Putri

After much family discussion involving extensive research into linguistics, history, and mythology, the three of us were able to come up with a name for the field pea that we all love! Somewhere between the insistent anglicization of words, predictable pronunciation issues, and woeful homophones we managed to weed out some of our favorite, yet problematic, words and pare it down to what we found most meaningful, beautiful, and intelligible. Relatively speaking, of course….

I doubt many of my readers were expecting us to pick anything even remotely approaching normal, common, or popular, and we haven’t disappointed! Rooted in the Old English language, and woven from threads of Nordic, Gaelic, and Welsh mythology and folklore, the name we chose references the Hawthorn tree, the great Elves of old (as opposed to the current pop culture conception), and our shared ancestral lands. From the wintery roots of Yggdrasil to the interlocked vines of the Green Man’s visage, the fabric of  our child’s conception, birth, and life is formed from these ancient stories, words, and ways.

Ælfyn Thorn Hardin is the name of our wee wildling son, due to be born this December. Because yes, Winter is coming…..


  7 Responses to “Naming the Unseen: Of Thorns, Elves, and the Coming Winter”

  1. How perfect is that?!?!

  2. Beautiful name..just perfect! 🙂

  3. Absolutely love it, and it’s sooo fitting!

  4. Congratulations. Y’all chose a handsome name.

  5. I adore the name you & your kin have chosen for this precious son you will soon born unto this Earth. His name is wonderfully lyrical and thought-full. If it is true that we choose our family, this wee wildling chose his soul parents and sister incredibly well. xo Thank you for sharing this part of your world with us.

  6. Loved the name. Beautiful! <3

  7. As some who dreams in Old English (occasionally), and loves Welsh and Nordic mythology, and plant lore, and the Old English letter that is ‘thorn,’ I love the name you’ve chosen. Enchanted and wild indeed! Kiva, I’m so glad you’re blogging again. I love the richness and depth of this form, and have mostly (though not entirely) stepped away from FB myself.

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