Oct 022007

So here she is, a picture taken fairly late in the season, but you’ll get the idea. She gets to be about two to three foot tall, in a sparse, woody way. She grows out of wet rocks and cliffsides mostly. Earlier in the season she was absolutely covered in flowers but she’s dying back now. The flowers look a pit pink in the pictures but earlier in the season they were brilliant scarlet red, and the leaves are a slightly bluish green. Square stems, HIGHLY aromatic with a minty, sagey euphoric kind of scent. Note the very narrow leaves, and somewhat un-Salvia like calyx. Astringent, nervine, wound healing, diaphoretic are the most noticeable effects just yet. Sounds very Sage like, yes? Help! Please assist me in IDing this amazing woman in red.

  5 Responses to “Mystery Woman in Red – Salvia or Other?”

  1. wow! That is beautiful! I’m afraid I don’t know any more info than you though. Have you looked at various salvia webpics??
    Hrms very long….I wish I knew.

  2. Yes, I’ve looked at many pages worth of Salvia, Stachys and related mint family plant pictures. I’m hoping someone will recognize it, or at least confirm it’s some kind of Salvia. The calyx looks a bit funny for a Salvia, but I can’t find any other Mint family plant with the same calyx either so hmmmm.

  3. is there any way that it could be licorice mint (Agastache rupestris) ??

  4. I’d go for an Agastache, they can be very pretty like that.
    Lovely flower!

  5. Oooh oooh oooh! It IS Agastache rupestris!!! Wow, it doesn’t look like our other Agastaches to me at all, nor does it smell anything like them, but it definitely matches the pictures. Yay, thank you so much!!!

    Anyone used this medicinally, do you use it the same way as the other Agastaches?

    ~Doing a little happy plant dance~

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