Nov 182007

I gathered another armful of Chokecherry twigs this evening. I thought I’d finished making Cherry tincture for the year, but then I read a post by herbalist 7Song saying he always uses fresh bark rather than the usual dried bark, which caused me to think that hmmm, I need some of that. So here I am, playing with twig bits again.

And then, I thought that while I’m at it, perhaps I should make oil as well. I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I read that Peach oil can be used for ear infections. I expect Cherry will work along the same lines, as would Rose, since all three are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing.

I also wanted to mention another wonderful use of Cherry, which is using a small amount of the cold infusion as eye drops for hot, inflamed, tired eyes. Soooo soothing and lovely, and great combined with Elderflowers.

I’m also working on rewriting my distance learning description and some of the curricula. When it’s finished, I’ll post some of it here on its own page along with this year’s workshop descriptions for those of you interested in studying with us here at Anima Center this year.

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