Sep 162007

Gold LeafIt’s fairly common knowledge in the herbal community that Monarda is excellent for all manner of infections, burns and inflammations. Michael Moore calls it a first rate wound herb (second only to White Sage in his estimation), and Matt Wood uses it extensively for all kinds of burns and hot, infected conditions. I thought I’d used Monarda for just about everything, UTIs, vaginal infections, burns, wounds, rashes, infections, fevers, tinnitus, anxiety, headaches etc.

But recently I treated a gum pocket that persistently escalated into infection. The infection was easily brought down with Alder, but even with flossing, irrigating and various herbal mouthwashes, the dang thing refused to heal and tighten up, despite copious amounts of topical astringents such as Oak and Sage. This seems like a fairly common problem, both my partners suffer from it and I talk to people nearly every week about their various gum issues. In this case, the gum remained very tender, but was not swollen or hot feeling, as the Alder seemed to keep that down. I tried Yarrow, Yarrow root, Sage, Oregon Grape Root, Pine…. I would’ve liked to have tried Yerba Mansa but I didn’t have any just now. Then one night I was staring at the little bottle of Monarda tincture I keep in my bag and it practically jumped out of the bag, yelling “try me, try me!” So, though I’d tried the same method with myriad other plants, we decided to try applying it locally to the gum and surrounding area (cotton swab or finger, your pick). Within a day (two applications), the tell-tale oder was gone, within two days the sensitivity was nearly gone and a week later (still doing twice daily applications) the pocket has nearly disappeared and their is not noticeable sensation even when flossing.

The next adventure is to have Loba try it on her perpetually painful and verging on infection gums. It would be a miracle if it helped, because nothing else has touched it and every year she has root canals, tooth pullings and other unpleasantness despite her rigorous care of her teeth and gums. Constitutional adjustment is in order of course, but when the gums have gotten this inflamed, topical care can definitely make a huge difference.

Next thing to try is a mouthwash tincture of Bursera, Sage and Monarda – not so tasty, but very effective, I’ll wager.

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  1. Kiva, is that any species of Monarda?

  2. I’ve used M. fistulosa var. menthaefolia and M. didyma – I suspect they will all work though.

  3. awsome! I must make another batch of mouthwash here soon, and will be adding that to the white sage myhrr mix!

  4. this is good to know. i have had bleeding gums for several years and the dentist has always blown it off. i’m going to go out and harvest some of my monarda right now and tincture it up and give it a whirl.

    i just recently stumbled upon your site and i love reading it.

  5. Hi Kiva –

    I recently developed this astounding condition called “burning mouth syndrome” which feels like your mouth, gums and throat are burning at all times. Cause and cure are unknown. The only thing that has eliminated it is drinking fresh monarda tea. I need to drink the tea about three times per day to completely eliminate the burning.

    Thank you for your insights into this plant…

    Lainey Alexander

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