Jul 092008

Wow, a couple nights of real sleep will do amazing things for a body! My brain’s still a little fuzzy but I can nearly write a coherent sentence or two now, heh. If you’d like to read about the past weekend’s incredible event, just head over to the Animá blog. There’s pretty pictures to tempt you as well.

This morning Loba, Rhiannon and I ran down to the arroyo for a quick romp among the Beebalm, taking advantage of the many new flowers for further medicine collecting. I’m all caught up on my supply now, so anything that’s gathered from here on out gets to be food, spice or some other kind of tasty thing.

I’m still very happy about the rain. In the dry SW, I never take a single storm for granted. Every little rain drop is greeted by unabashed enthusiasm and cheers — today is the biggest rain yet, so there has been much happy hollering through the canyon this particular afternoon. The Purple Sticky Asters have started to open, as have the Paintbrush and the berries on the Manzanita bushes are blushing a beautiful burnt red ochre. The Speedwell is finally catching up with the season and blooming madly, with the Monkeyflowers trailing just behind. It’s past time for gathering Wild Mint, and Loba and I have plans for an adventure downriver to harvest it, along with some more Grape leaves.

As for the weed patch, it perseveres! For the first time since living in NM, I have (kind of) successfully grown a Calendula plant. Just one, with a few stunted little flowers, but at least the moles/gophers/pack rats didn’t eat it (yet). The Ashwagandha on the other hand, is thriving far beyond expectation, I’ve even lost count of how many plants I actually have, something like thirty at this point I think. The Wild Hops vine is trying to eat the rest of the garden, but seems happy otherwise. The Sage is SO happpy this year, which pleases me to no end. I DO wish it would flower though. The one surviving Motherwort plant (out of dozens) is flowering and flowering and flowering. She’s got enough heart for the whole tribe that I lost to the gophers. My Lemon Balms and Rosemaries are also doing remarkably well, I keep thinking that if I look at them funny they’ll fall over dead (just like my past babies) but maybe these ones are tougher. Now that the floods are probably on their way, I’m afraid to plant my little tiny Yerba Mansas but not quite sure what to do with them until the riverbanks are safe again. Two more Elder trees and two more Hawthorns to plant among the other thriving transplants in the woodlands below the cabin. The Hawthorns have have taken especially well to their new home here in the canyon and I have high hopes for them. I’m looking forward to thick thorny thickets full of berries and birds in about ten years or so.

Sweet Clover is prime for harvesting, I just need a dry morning and a little extra time! Most of the plants are far taller than I and standing among them is like a sweet-grass vanilla daydream. The cicadas are strangely quiet this summer, likely because of the cooler than usual temperatures. I have to admit that I miss their racket even while I’m definitely loving the temperate days and nearly cold nights.

I’m counting the days til my mountain trip, looking forward to finding special high altitude plants and exploring the springs that mark the home of the Bear Medicine, my beloved Oshá. I’m also praying there’s enough to harvest this year, and that the dirt trail leading there isn’t too muddy to drive. So much anticipation, so many adventures!

Happy Summer to you all!

All pic (c)2008 Kiva Rose

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