Jul 122008

It’s almost here! Our six day long herbal/healing extravaganza will be here in no time at all, from August 1st through 6th. While I love all of our events I have to say that these longer gatherings really allow for the group to get to know each other deeply and intensely and also facilitate much more in depth workshops that would otherwise be possible. And this one is really my baby too, bringing so much of what I love together to be shared with other women from across the country.

For the first time ever, I’ll be teaching a workshop specifically on the application of the Animá Medicine Wheel to herbal and healing energetics, the basis of the Medicine Woman Tradition’s approach to dynamic, constitutionally based and wildly weedy medicine.  There will also be the obligatory long and rambling herb walk along with delicious wild food feasts, plant gathering and many other exciting workshops.

This is one of the most lush and beautiful times of the year in the Gila, when the plants and river are just overflowing in their bounty. We’ve been having warm days with coolish evenings thanks to the annual rains. August is a gorgeous time for swimming in the river, walking through head high wildflowers and tasting all the delicious wild treats.

I have carpooling opportunities from Albuquerque, Tucson and Boulder happening so please let me know if I can hook you up with a ride. As always, this event is on a by donation basis, so please don’t use lack of funds as a reason for not coming if you feel really called to attend.

While this is a women only event, exceptions for small children or young women will be made on a case by case basis.

A special thanks to ALL you beautiful plant people who have helped spread the word about events and opportunities. Special thanks to Darcey and Ananda for encouraging others to come to the Medicine Woman Gathering!

Please write me if you have any questions, applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

Oh, and check out my birthday rainbow over at the Animá blog, it was amazing! Both ends of the triple rainbow were right in the canyon going into the river. 

  3 Responses to “Medicine Woman’s Gathering”

  1. Happy Birthday, Kiva! I truly hope you had a wonderful day. 🙂
    The picture of the rainbow is absolutely beautiful. That’s the first time I’ve seen a triple! We see a lot of doubles here in western WA, and one day I was showing my kids that if you look closely, the second and lesser band of colors is the opposite of the first one. It’s something that people don’t generally notice and it was my mother that told me about it—the kids thought it was kind of cool. LOL.

  2. Kiva!! A Birthday Rainbow!! A true testiment to your magical presence in the canyon. I hope your birth day was as wonderful as you are : ) What a gift from the canyon to you!!

  3. What?! No carpooling from Florida!? LOL. I wish. Alas not this year.
    Happy Birthday Rainbow Woman.

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