Dec 202007

Wolf’s had a toothache for the last week, with serious pain bad enough to prevent sleep, but with little swelling or redness. Weird. This has happened before, but it usually goes away in a day or two. Not this time, it just went on and on, very little response to antibacterial herbs internally or locally. As usual, no response to herbal pain treatment, and we ended up resorting to some NSAIDS to keep the pain from driving him crazy, not so great on an already impaired liver. And then a strange discovery, hardcore massage and pressure point therapy relieved the pain better than NSAIDS, and for a longer period of time. I started doing long sessions of jamming my knuckles into pressure points on his neck and head, which resulted in radical reduction of pain and other symptoms. In fact, it seems to have completely resolved the problem. Weirder and weirder. But good.

However, in the process of such strenuous hand activity I strained my wrist. Started one evening and was way worse the next morning. Hurt it bad enough I couldn’t close my hand or screw the lid off a mason jar, couldn’t even move my wrist without electricity to my fingers and shooting pain all the way to my elbow. Pain worth screaming about. The muscles near my wrist and forearm were swollen and hard. Hmmm, that’s not good. How the heck am I supposed to type or climb mountains this way? Of course I though immediately about the Goldenrod, and thought nawwww, this is way too severe for that and I don’t even know if it’s directly muscle related, which is where Goldenrod seems to most excel. Nevertheless, I pulled out a jar of this Summer’s Solidago flower infused oil and asked Loba to kindly open it for me. I then smeared it all over the affected area (very carefully), and waited.

In fifteen minutes, it was fifty percent better. In three hours after a total of three applications, it was ninety five percent better, the next day all better. Pretty damn nice, if I do say so myself. Especially since it seemed to be getting worse by the hour before treatment, rather than better, indicating a total turnaround rather than just a gentle healing nudge. Oh, how I love the golden goodness of the Solidagos.

In other news, Rhiannon almost sliced the side of her index finger off using a bigger knife than she should have to chop food. Larrea stopped the rather profuse bleeding, prevented infection and helped it to heal really really fast! In about three days, there was nothing but new pink skin.

Loba, again, managed to get really weird and severe splinters. A large piece of wood under her thumbnail and something (maybe glass, maybe not) in her foot. Both were tremendously swollen, leading to much limping and kitchen problems. And just as before, Pine Pitch salve seemed to help draw, move and break down the splinters in just a day or two. Works better than Plantain for deep splinters in my opinion.

With clients, I seem to be running the gamut right now, treating everything from diverticulitis to lung disease to broken puppy legs. The cafe is closing now and I have to go, but I’ll be back soon with new herbal adventures from the wilderness.

Solstice blessings to you all!

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  1. TMJ pain is often mistaken for toothache. It can feel almost identical. Some of that goldenrod on Wolf’s neck and jaw muscles might be just the thing…

  2. Were you using any particular points Kiva, or just going with what seemed right at the time?

  3. Rebecca, you’re absolutely right… though in this case it did turn out to be the gum pocket, which we found out after he quite irrigating as faithfully and it came back more local to the tooth. Pressure points still seemed to alleviate the pain better than anything else though.

    Kate, I don’t know the names of the points, there’s one below and back from the right ear that is especially effective…. also, directly rubbing the jaw and temples seemed to help quite a lot to move the energy.

  4. I have a molar that bothers me from time to time—half of it fell off quite a while back, so the pain often comes from me not rinsing real well after every meal to get the food out, or I’ve chewed something a bit too hard. Either way, it can get quite painful. Ugh.
    What works for me, is a couple good squirts of echinacea and yarrow tinctures in a bit of warmish water. I swish and swish, hold it in my mouth, swallow—then repeat one more time to finish what’s in the cup. Sometimes I’ll take a couple Ibuprofen if the pain persists, but most of the time the tinctures alone really do help. 🙂

  5. Hi Kiva,

    I really love all of your very practical information on the common herbs that grow nearby. Your writing is a delight and very refreshing and useful. In your writing on remedies for household injuries you mention a pine pitch salve for pulling out splinters. I searched your site for more info on how you made it but nothing came up. Do you just use pitch alone or mix it with something? Thanks again.

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