Jul 232017

Promote Your Herb Shop or Online Herbal-Related Business

in Plant Healer’s 2018–2020 Herbal Shops & Suppliers Directory & Guide

With Articles, Business Profiles, Ads, & Free Listings

In past years, Plant Healer Publications has produced extremely popular guides, including ones for herbal conferences and schools.  Now, at the request of many in the Plant Healer community, we are creating:

A Special Buyers Guide, with illustrated articles describing the different kinds of sources for herbs, medicinal preparations, herbal products and supplies… and including personalized profiles of participating businesses as examples inside the articles themselves – combined with

A Thorough Directory, with brief or lengthy listings of all kinds of suppliers of interest to herbal consumers, medicine makers, and practitioners…. including web addresses and contact info.

Offering you:

1. Paid Promotional Packages with lengthy business listings, graphic display ads, photos of your shop/customers/products, and personalized business profiles and tales within the actual Guide articles… or

2. Free 40-Word Listing in the Directory

Reach 50,000 or more herbal product consumers and medicine makers.

If you can’t afford the extensive portrayal and promotion of a paid package, we will gladly include a short listing for you anyway!

Welcomed Are Online & Brick n’ Mortar Businesses Such As:

Herb Shops & Apothecaries • Natural Health Stores • Bulk Herbs Providers

Manufacturers of Herbal Preparations, Tincture, Medicines • Cannabis Dispensaries & Producers Herbal Tea Sellers • Seed Sellers • Herbal Nurseries & Farms • Gardening Tool Suppliers

Suppliers of Alcohol, Bottles, & Equipment

Online providers will be listed by Product Category.

Brick n’ Mortar businesses will be listed by Region or State depending on the numbers.



Distribution will be to the 32,500 subscribers of Plant Healer Magazine and the Herbaria Monthly, and

the 44,000 readers of the Medicine Woman Blog, as well as shared with another estimated 30,000 herb enthusiasts.  A download link to the PDF will be announced/advertised in our publications for a full year,

and will be promoted with excerpts in an issue of Plant Healer Magazine, through the websites and mailing lists of those businesses appearing inside, as well as through our huge FaceBook network.


Releasing in late Fall 2017 or mid-Winter 2018

To be sure of being included, send an Insertion Form with your Description, Anecdotes & Pics ASAP

Click on, download, fill out, and return the:

Herbal Shops & Suppliers Directory Invite & Application


It’s a pleasure to do what we can to bring attention to your herbal-centric business and products!

Thank you much,

Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose Hardin


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