Dec 022007

The last several days the winds, rains and clouds have hung over the canyon, blessing us with abundant washing and drinking water. And completely blocking the sun that provides our solar power for laptop and satellite. Yesterday morning we woke up to a flooded and roaring river, effectively preventing us from leaving the canyon any which way besides on our feet, right through the raging, freezing water. Good thing we didn’t have anywhere important to go! Day after tomorrow though, Loba and I are off to the city and though the river is significantly lower now, it’ll still be a cold, muddy walk.

The canyon weather has been an up and down from freezing to warm, the plants don’t seem to mind and my baby Elderberry trees are blissfully growing new leaves, and the Corydalis and Nettles are pushing up fresh new leaves everywhere. There’s even a little nest of native Bedstraws growing down by the Faery Circle. The Watercress, on the other hand, just got mostly washed away by the flood. They’ll be back soon though, insistently pushing through mud and snow.

Today I’m catching up, working like mad on the final touches for the new Anima website, answering emails and hopefully getting up a few late recipes for this month’s blogparty!

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  1. Oh I’m glad to hear it was just wet weather keeping you quiet and holed up staying warm and dry. I dreamed you sent me a letter on a piece of animal skin last night.

    glad the baby elders are thriving1 that’s so exciting!

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