Feb 252011

A one page article by Wendy Sue Gist in the March issue of New Mexico Magazine includes a little about wild foraging, dandelions, and Kiva Rose’s tips for picking nettles… as well as a listing for the 2011 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference:

New Mexico Magazine Article

Those of you placing orders with Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon, can expect to find a card announcing our upcoming conference among your upcoming shipments.   Mountain Rose is one of the most ethical providers of quality medicinal and culinary herbs, and we’ve been recommending since long before the signed on as the first and one of the most devoted of TWHC sponsors.  If you haven’t checked them out before, go to the:

Mountain Rose Herbs Website

The March issue of Plant Healer Magazine is in production now as well, and will be available for download March 7th, 12pm M.T.  The subscriptions of anyone signing up before that time will begin with the premier first issue, subscriptions of those joining after will begin with Issue #2 and Issue #1 will no longer be available.  For more information or to subscribe, submit or advertise, go to:

Plant Healer Magazine

-Jesse Wolf

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  1. I’m glad to find this and am happy you are expanding your influence. it is a swwet breath in a foul atmosphere.

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