Oct 122007

Ok folks, I’ve made it to the herbal big time. I can tell because the National Forest people are writing ME to identify and find their plants for them. While this is infinitely funny on one level, it is somewhat gratifying on another. Especially when the plant they’re looking for is Estafiate, the ever so common Artemisia ludoviciana of the West. Evidently, people have been coming to their office asking about this plant, where it is and how to harvest it. I wonder what’s triggered this newfound interest in a traditional and now neglected SW plant. I’m hoping that at least part of that answer lies in my herb article written for local newspapers. I’m sorry to say I’ve been neglecting that venue a bit and must get back to it.

Although I was already so locally famous that teenage boys and old ranchers alike snicker and ask me if I know any plants “that will get them high” when I go to the village, this new level of recognition is almost worth having a big gulp of homebrewed chamomile hard cider over.

  4 Responses to “I’ve Hit the Big Time”

  1. hee, hee, hee. that’s very cool, Kiva. Guess it was bound to happen.

  2. Rock on, Kiva, that’s fantastic! šŸ™‚

    As far as plants to get the locals high – you could always give ’em a recipe for nettle beer and tell’ em that they need to pick it fresh LOL šŸ˜‰

  3. Right On! and well deserved! And nice to know that I am not the only herbalist that has people come and ask about the getting high question LOL

  4. You know, if I wrote a book just about legal weeds that will get you high, two things would happen. One, I’d have a bestseller. Two, weeds would become illegal. šŸ˜®

    I am probably overdue to write a post on consciousness altering herbs, though I think the content will be surprise to some šŸ˜‰

    BTW, the forest service people wrote back to say that they’d read a profile/interview with me in a local paper and saved the contact info.

    When I was a kid, I thought I’d grow up and win a Pulitzer or something, who knew my questionable renown would actually come through my knowledge of weeds. I wonder if I can write a novel about weeds and still get the Pulitzer? LOL

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