Aug 262008

Just so ya’ll know, I’ll be offline for a couple days starting tomorrow and I’ll probably get a bit behind on emails so be patient and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Right now, the Mogollon foothills are lit up in the orange glow of Wild Sunflowers, all mixed in with the lingering lilac shades of Beeweed and the low white blooms of Dune Evening Primrose. We’ve been having morning showers, a distinctly winter moisture pattern, but what the hell… Rain is rain, and we’ll take all we can get.

The beavers have two new ponds we’ve been enjoying swimming in… it’s a wonderful thing to lay on your back in the cool water on a hot day and watch the first yellow Cottonwood leaves spiral lazily toward you. The seasons are shifting again, and every moment is sweet.

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