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I’m a Medicine Woman, Too!
by Jesse Wolf Hardin
© Hops Press 2009, 8.5×11” Hardcover, 48 pages
35 Full Color Illustrations  ISBN 978-1-892784-31-5

So here it is, folks! The beautiful hardback edition of I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! published by HOPS Press is finally available. Wolf and I put a huge amount of work into this project and I am so incredibly proud of the end result! This empowering story has touched both adults and children, and the artwork enchanted everyone from tiny toddlers to proud fathers to smiling abuelas nostalgic for their own childhood learnings and yearnings. 

Many of you will be interested in knowing that part of the proceeds of the donations for this book will go towards the writing, design and publishing (which will probably be done by our own small Sweet Medicine Press) of my upcoming Medicine Woman’s Herbal. If we make enough, we might even be able to pay for offset printing of a color edition of the book which would be more affordable than color print on demand and more beautiful than b&w print on demand. 

If you do purchase the book we would love to hear your thoughts and comments, thank you so much for reading!!!

We are so grateful to the support and encouragement of people like John and Kimberly Gallagher, Rosemary Gladstar,  Jim McDonald, Thomas Elpel and all our wonderful readers who’ve helped make this amazing book possible!




 Finally available, personally signed hardback copies, with a FREE signed Medicine Woman art print ready for framing:

Herbal Wisdom & Personal Empowerment for Budding Healers & Daydream Believers

An illustrated story of self discovery and personal empowerment for all children and adults alike… and not only for budding healers but everyone heeding a calling, seeking a purpose or pursuing a vital dream

Written & Illustrated by
Jesse Wolf Hardin


    “I believe I’m holding a new children’s classic, a book that will be treasured by children –and their parents – for years to come.”
-Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist, author of The Family Herbal

The author’s delightful daughter Rhiannon was the inspiration and model for this tale of realization and growth, as she first resists believing she could ever be a Medicine Woman like the herbalists and healers she’s met, but then realizes the ways in which she is already the woman of power she hopes to be!  Includes a “Name the Herb” medicinal plant identification game.

Notice: The first 250 people to order will receive a FREE hand signed and numbered (limited edition of 250) color print of a new “The Medicine Woman Tradition” drawing by the author and illustrator, as seen below, ready for you to frame and hang!  Rhiannon was the model, along with Mama Kiva of course!


Personally Signed Copies


  • In the US: $15. Donation + $8 Priority Shipping
  • In Mexico & Canada:  $15. Donation + $9.00 Shipping
  • International Orders: $15. Donation + $11.00 Shipping
  • 3 Signed Copies: $40. Donation + $15. Priority Shipping

Click here for book excerpts or to place your order

To see photos of Rhiannon modeling the making of the enchanting Rose Elixir, Check out the Kiva’s new lesson on LearningHerbs.com

And click here for information on Animá Medicine Woman Courses & Events

When ordering directly from us instead of somewhere like Amazon, you should know that only $7 of the cost goes to the publisher, Hops Press, whereas the other $8 is able to help support the continued restoration of the Animá Botanical Sanctuary and our Medicine Woman herbal and lifeways school!

Be sure to tell us the name of the person you would like it signed to, and a little about you or them!

Finally, you likely understand the degree to which we depend on people like you to spread the word about “I’m a Medicine Woman Too!” and its message of personal empowerment to others who might benefit and enjoy.  If you know of any independent book stores or herb shops that might want to carry it, please take a minute to show them your copy and suggest they contact Hops Press directly for wholesale quantities.  And when emailing your friends about it or posting on forums and blogs, kindly include our Medicine Woman Too website address: www.medicinewomantoo.com  The site includes excerpts and more art samples as well as PayPal buttons for easy ordering of your signed copies.

We sure appreciate you interest and help, and Rhiannon as well as all of us would indeed LOVE to hear you impressions of this book and how it affects you, as well as any reactions or responses from its younger readers.


The Author & Illustrator

Jesse Wolf Hardin is the author of 7 books and over 500 published articles, a teacher of Animá nature-inspired practice and cofounder of the Animá Medicine Woman tradition.  He and his partners offer empowering online courses, as well as counsel and healing consultations, retreats and Summer events at their botanical sanctuary in the enchanted wildlands of Southwest New Mexico.  His work has been praised by luminaries from Gary Snyder, Paul Winter, Edward Abbey and Joanna Macy to Terry Tempest Williams.

“Wolf’s work helps us to see the world as whole – even holy.” 
–Terry Tempest Williams

“My initial inspiration,” the author writes, “included not only my daughter Rhiannon, but all those kids who from an early age seem inclined towards self exploration, challenge and growth, sometimes longing for meaning and a special purpose as much as they desire fun and love.  This includes the fortunate daughters of herbalists and healers, looking for affirmation, positive archetypes and strong women models to look up to…. as well as all the other little girls who seem called to tend and heal, or who feel drawn to the amazing ways of nature and intimate company of plants.  It was halfway through putting this book together that I realized I was actually doing it for every child including little boys – and indeed every person regardless of their years on the planet – who might be able to benefit from it’s core theme: learning to believe in ourselves enough to dare to live our dreams.”


“I felt the voice of the Earth Mother herself speak from the pages of I’m A Medicine Woman Too!. The sense of presence and higher awareness will benefit younger and those with accumulated years as well. A fine offering to raise consciousness!”
-Margi Flint AHG HM, author of The Practicing Herbalist

“A book thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and my little boys, I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! entices us not to look to others for ourselves, but rather to go within and bring out what we are, and know in doing so that we give the world around us what it needs.  That such an important insight is accompanied by such beautiful images makes this book even more of a treasure.
-Jim McDonald, astute Herbalist and teacher

“I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! is full of wisdom, beauty and encouragement not only for young girls, but for people of all ages. The author’s exquisite illustrations quickly draw the reader in and cleverly teach about healing plants. A high recommendation to empower all medicine women!”
-Lesley Tierra, author of Healing with the Herbs of Life

“This is just the kind of story I want my children hearing over and over – the kind of story that will help them grow into themselves with grace and beauty.”
-Kimberly Gallagher, M.Ed., CCH, LearningHerbs.com & HerbMentor.com

“I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! is a wonderful book to connect children with herbal traditions.  The story role-models an ethic of healing and caring for other people and honoring our elders.  The delightful illustrations touch the reader at an emotional level, compelling us to become healers too.”
-Thomas J. Elpel, author of Botany in a Day and Shanleya’s Quest


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