Aug 302008

Home again, no thanks to the insane traffic and almost getting smushed between a semi-truck and trailer with an exploding tire on the interstate. About the time part of the exploding tire bounced off my windshield and the rest of it slammed into my front bumper, I was really ready to never see a highway or a city ever again. Once I got past Socorro and was heading back into the mountains that form the entry to the Gila though, I was able to relax enough to enjoy the incredibly long sunset that colored Horse Springs a rich shade of lavender and made the Sunflowers glow gold as the setting sun. Lightning spiked the earth to the east, and the clouds rolled over me as I sped southward and home.

Here in the Canyon things are vivid green, the ground is moist and the Cocklebur plants are easily seven foot tall in places. Walking beside the river is like exploring a rainforest, and the dragonflies spin over my head as I curl my toes into the sand. The rain comes and goes, pattering and roaring by turn, making the river sing sweeter than ever.

Sitting down to write this blog, I have a skirt full of Aster flowers I haven’t yet set out to dry. They’re sticky and fragrant and vivid purple. Their rich fragrance is one of the river signature Autumn scents. I’d recognize it with my eyes closed from a million other smells. The Globemallow are blooming at full tilt, their scarlet-orange flowers covering acres of land. You can see a picture of one there to the left, with its green heart and soft, fuzzy buds. I need to harvest some flowers in the next couple days, as soon as they’re dry enough not to mold when I hang them up.

The Evening Primroses are glorious, with thousands of white and yellow flowers from river to woodland to grassland areas here. One of my all time favorite medicines, this gentle herb is healing just to sit with while gazing up into its rose tinged hood. The Wild Hop stroibles are plump, green-gold nearly ready for the picking while wild blue Sage is knee high and breathes a spicy breeze whenever Rhiannon and I wander through them.

The acorns are still green but nearly full sized, a clear indication of harvest time! Just this morning we had a bite of the most amazing roasted acorn chocolate cake that Loba and a guest came up with. After you’ve had acorn and chocolate together, the chocolate will always seem lonely and flat without acorns forever after.

Life is beautiful at home, all full of flowers and food and fiddle music. Makes me wonder why I ever leave, and why I didn’t get here a bit sooner….

  2 Responses to “Home Again”

  1. I am so glad that you are ok after being hit by an exploding tire!
    I have wondered what happens when those shreds of tire I see along the highway burst.

    As always your sharing/writing of your lovely world touches my heart.

  2. What a frightening experience and I’m so glad you weren’t hurt! I do have to agree with you on the traffic and cities……..yuck!
    The roasted acorn and chocolate cake sounds heavenly. Makes me wish I were there. 🙂

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