Dec 242013

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Holiday Blessings & Year’s End News

It’s been a busy year for Plant Healer and Anima Sanctuary.  For over 6 months we were unable to drive in to our canyon property, with everything being carried in and out across the river on our backs… but still we managed to make some improvements to our water and solar electric systems, remake the Plant Healer and HerbFolk Conference websites, produce 4 more issues of acclaimed Plant Healer Magazine plus 30 blog posts and a dozen free Newsletters, and publish “The Plant Healer’s Path” book as well as the 2013 Plant Healer Annuals.  Over the past 12 months we’ve increased our impact with the addition of several thousand new readers.

New Plant Healer Annuals Have Been Shipped To You!

We quickly sent out all the available new 2013 Plant Healer Annual books, and Thursday received another 3000 pound shipment which we’ve used to fill all remaining orders.  If you haven’t received your copies yet, you can expect them in the mail very soon!  Two full b&w volumes over 1,000 pages in length, along with the full color “Art of Plant Healer” graphic supplement.  Non-members can purchase the Annuals along with a year’s subscription to the digital magazine for a combined discount price.  Go to the magazine page at the revised Plant Healer website:

Upcoming in 2014

• The Spring issue of the Plant Healer Magazine quarterly will release on the first Monday in March.  The deadline for article submissions is Jan. 1st (though you can write and ask for an extension if needed), and the deadline for advertising is Feb. 1st.

• “The Enchanted Healer” is the title of our next book, due for release in April – the second in a trilogy of books for the healing and herbalist communities, addressing topics like heightened senses, ultra-presence, growing our awareness, shamanism, vision questing, plant spirit, Gaia, and the reclamation of our native wonder, awe and delight.  So many of you have asked for it to be brought out with the beautiful illustrations in full color, that we may do that though if it costs more.  A “shout-out” goes to Traci Picard for working hard to get it proofed as we speak.

A Special Books For Herbalists Guide will appear in the Summer issue of Plant Healer Magazine, and will be made available as a free download thereafter.  It will feature an overview of herbal literature, a lengthy list of books in print by most of the top herbalist authors, along with excerpts from many of them.  If you are an author or publisher interested in being included, or if you want to recommend titles, give us a write at: planthealer(at)

Another Dozen Plant Healer Newsletters, with herbal and wildcrafting related articles excerpted from the magazine and contributed by various herbalist writers, sent out absolutely free to anyone interested.  The next full length issue will be sent out in mid January.  To subscribe, go to any page of the website and fill in your name and address where it says “subscribe” in the far left margin:

Herbfolk Gathering will be our 5th annual event for folk herbalists and plant lovers of all kinds.  It will be Sept. 18-21 at forested Mormon Lake, south of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, with the 2014 theme being “The Enchanted Forest”.  All classes will include folkloric and hands-on elements, and most will be 3 to 5 hr long intensives.  For full details, download the information pdf: 2014 HerbFolk Gathering Info

Thanks for joining us in this mission of healing, connection, and celebration.  Be ever so good to yourselves, and we’ll talk to you next year!

–Wolf & Kiva

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