Jan 162009

So it’s here folks! The new websites are up as you can see by the below announcement. For my herbal readers, you’ll be excited to find a large number of my herbal articles online, organized, illustrated and easily navigated. You’ll recognized many of the titles from previous blogposts but MANY of the articles have been edited, added to (sometimes tripled in size) and corrected for my most recent understandings. It’s not as thorough as the book is going to be but it’s a big improvement over the blog archives and there’s some whole new recipes and plant monographs. If you mouse over the Teachings section of the Medicine Woman Tradition website, you’ll find links to materia medica, therapeutics, core teachings and other cool stuff.

I just uploaded it last (Thursday) night, so there’s likely a few bugs still to work out but let me know if you come across anything really weird. All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the results, the joint effort of Wolf and I’s many (MANY!) hours of hard work in design, photography and written content, as well as Wolf’s phenomenally beautiful botanical and Medicine Woman artwork for both sites.

I apologize to those of you who had previously linked to specific parts of the Anima website, as those links are now more than likely broken. I plan on keeping this structure and page names in future updates, so hopefully it won’t happen again. The Medicine Woman Tradition site is specifically designed so that I can keep adding to the articles without upsetting the main pages.

If you’ve previously been to the Animá site (and I hope you have), then you might need to hit your browser refresh button once or twice to get the current content.

Why are you here still here reading this?!  Go check the new sites out!

  2 Responses to “Highlights & Tips for the New Sites”

  1. I am awestruck!!
    Amazing kiva!

  2. The sites are incredible. What a heartful resource! Gracias for your generous, imaginative, intelligent offerings. These sites are a pleasure to wander and explore and learn from.

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