Mar 242014
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The Plant Healer Newsletter is a color pdf supplement to Plant Healer Magazine, featuring abridged reprints from the magazine as well as interview excerpts and original articles about herbs and herbalism from you – our folk herbal community.  It is absolutely free, in order to provide inspiration and information even to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.  Subscribe by simply filling in your email address on the appropriate line, at:

The March edition sends out today, 35 pages that includes:

Herbal Treatments for Sinusitis – by Jim McDonald – A lengthy, in-depth article from one of our core Plant Healer writers and teacher at the upcoming HerbFolk Gathering, excerpted from the Herbal Resurgence Classes Book.

Traditions Not Trademarks – by Rosemary Gladstar – Addressing what could be only the first in coming threats to our folk recipes and even our expressions and terms, the shameful trademarking of her freely shared term “Fire Cider” by ignominious Shire City Herbals.

Fire Cider Recipe – by Kiva Rose – Encouraging the free sharing of “the people’s medicine.”

HerbFolk Gathering Updates & News

The Portal – An entire introductory chapter from our upcoming new book The Enchanted Healer, with text overlays on lush illustration taken directly from the book’s pages.

If you aren’t already subscribed, you can still download the latest issue by clicking on this complimentary link: MARCH NEWSLETTER LINK


Enchantment PreOrder Poster 72dpi

The Enchanted Healer Book

The Enchanted Healer is the second in our trilogy of books for herbalists and healers of all kinds, this time focused on the spirit of the craft, developing awareness and the senses, plant totems and savoring the enchantments of herbalism.  It’s been at the printers for awhile, and should be in our hands in a very few weeks now.  We’ll start shipping to those who preordered earliest.  Again, you can see the entire first chapter at it appears in the book, in the latest Plant Healer Newsletter linked above.  You can preorder your full color copy on the Bookstore Page at

“What Kiva and Jesse have delivered through the labor of their dreams and shamanic schemes is a great ride!  In The Enchanted Healer, they do not write ABOUT herbalism, dreams, a healers path; rather they invite us IN to experience the texture, smells, sounds and urgings that the plant world so lovingly beckons us to.”
Kathleen Maier, Sacred Plant Traditions


2014 HerbFolk Gathering News

Preparations continue for the upcoming Plant Healer event: The HerbFolk Gathering – Sept. 18-21, 2014.  This will be our 5th Annual event, including the earlier Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference with its Western and clinical emphasis, and the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous with a focus on the Medicine of The People and herbal access for all.  This time our latest incarnation, The HerbFolk Gathering, will have an Enchanted Forest theme evoking Herbalism’s many enchantments as well as the latest in practical herbal knowledge.  Teachers like the visionary herbalist David Hoffman, Matthew Wood and Sean Donahue will be presenting spirit infused topics like never before.  But one thing that all Plant Healer events have had in common, is the particular community it attracts: the most interested and interesting, unconventional and visionary of herbalists, wildcrafters and culture-healers!

From that first unlikely conference at New Mexico’s famed Ghost Ranch in 2010, to 2014’s celebration at the awesome Mormon Lake Resort in the forests of northern Arizona, Kiva and I have been blown away by the support, affection and enthusiasm of our wilder tribe.  It has been an honor to create what our friend Paul Bergner called a “new nexus of the folk herbalism revival,” an opportunity and place for the coming weaving together of community, learning and celebration, helping to usher in not just a more natural healing paradigm but also a healthier world.

2014 Teachers

David Hoffman • Matthew Wood  • Guido Masé • Sean Donahue • Chuck Garcia • Phyllis Hogan • Kiva Rose • Jim McDonald • Kiki Geary • Merihelen Nuñez • Ben Zappin • Kristi Shapla • Asia Suler • Irina Adam • Rebecca Altman • Shana Lipner Grover • Elaine Shiff • Stephany Hoffelt, Jesse Wolf Hardin and more…

“What an exciting conference! Plant Healer events are the new wave of herbalism, featuring speakers and a community rich with a combination of long hands-on experience and fresh creativity.”
-Paul Bergner

Plant walk with 7Song-72dpi

Networking HerbFolk

With all our wonderful teachers selected and the site contracted, we’re now busy with getting the word out to folk through Kiva’s social media presence and the help of people like you who are mentioning it in forums, or announcing it on websites.  Anyone asking can get an HerbFolk graphic for use online, a pdf info packet to share, or poster master to print out and post wherever appropriate.  Write us at: with “conference networking request” in the subject line please.

If you have a website, you can link to our web graphics below.  Grab them from this post or write us to send you copies:

Link To:

Link To:

Link to:

Link to:


Masquerade Ball:
Get To Work on That Costume!

Remember that the main night’s entertainment will be centered around an all-species, faeries and woodfolk Masquerade Ball!  Come as you really are on the inside, as the magical character, animal or plant that speaks and dances through you!

There will likely also be a second night of dancing with a live band, if we can find a fitting group to perform.  The Enchantment theme narrows down the possibilities a little bit, and there are very professional groups of interest in Arizona, so we are researching more bands in California again.  If you have a suggestion for an enchanting but also danceable, earthy group, send us an email with the subject “HerbFolk Band.”

Plant Person cartoon-72dpi
Receive Free Tickets, Vending Table
& Advertising as an
HerbFolk 2014 Sponsor

Applications are available for HerbFolk Sponsorships, earning benefits equal to the level of your contribution.  Promote your business, school, craft or practice, through our website and at this unique herbal event this September 18-21.  Write us for the new app with full details:


HerbFolk Tickets

Tickets for Plant Healer’s 2014 event go up in price in June, so get yours soon for the best deal.

Group Discounts

The more folks that you get to participate, the cheaper it is for everyone to attend: 10% discount for 6 to 9 people, 20% off for 10 to 24, and a full 30% discount on groups of 25 or more.  The director needs to submit all the names at one time, and to make sure that all participants pay within a week from submission for discounts to apply.

To Register or for More Info click on the Events Page at:


Mormon Lake Lodging Cabin 72dpi
Cabins Should Be Reserved Now!

Many of you like to camp in the trees near the event site, or choose to stay at an inexpensive motel in nearby Flagstaff, but those of you hoping to rent a cabin this September will need to reserve yours soon.  Cabins always sell out long before the event, so we’re asking folk to please fill the rooms to capacity even if it means inviting friends to share it.  More people can be accommodated that way.  Contact the Resort directly to make reservations:
928-354-2227 Ext 10


“There’s nothing like your Plant Healer events, by any name… truly nothing!  I am affirmed.  I am empowered.  I am changed!”
Karen Colter


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