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2014 Essays & Class Notes poster-72dpi
If you were unable to attend Plant Healer’s 2014 event for any reason, you can still get a taste
of its spirit and themes, while benefitting from the immense amount of information and inspiration found herein.

Conventional Class Notes books consist mainly of basic outlines, whereas our event ebooks contain in-depth, full length essays on the various class topics.  Soon to be available will be a large softbound book of essays and class notes drawn from the entire first 5 years of Plant Healer events, “Traditions in Western Herbalism” … but this 2014 Ebook will remain the only way of studying all 22 of 2014’s class essays.

170 pages, full color Ebook PDF Download only $21 to all
from the Bookstore & Gallery page at:

2014 Essays & Class Notes Book Contents:

Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Enchantments of Herbalism
Guido Masé: Hawthorn: Lady of The May
Kiki Geary: The 5 Elements in Herbalism
Charles “Doc” Garcia & Lori Pino: Hispanic Healing Ritual
Merihelen Nuñez: A Modern Curandera
Sean Donahue: Herbalists’ Wheel of The Year
Shana Lipner Grover: The Multicultural Uses of Salvia
Asia Suler: The Woodland Within
Stephany Hoffelt: Traditional Healing in a Modern Context
Jim McDonald: Sweet Flag & Bitterroot
Kristi Shapla: Fermented Flora
Irina Adam: Botanical Perfume
Sean Donahue: The Fisher King & The King of Hearts
Rebecca Altman: Explorations Into The Waters of The Body
Phyllis Hogan: Southwestern Medicinal Plants
Kristi Shapla: Herbal Beers
Matthew Wood: 21 Animal Constitutions
Elaine Sheff: Natural Remedies for Children With Special Needs
Jim McDonald: The Medicine of Melancholy
David Hoffmann: Selection Criteria
Guido Masé: Selva Oscura: In The Dark Forest of The Mind
Jesse Wolf Hardin: HerbStory: The History & Future of Plant Medicine

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