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The September 2010 issue of Herbal Roots is all about Wild Rose!

Herbal Roots is a beautiful monthly online zine created, written, illustrated and published by community herbalist Kristine Brown. Published on the last Monday of every month, this periodical is a wonderful ongoing inspiration and resource for anyone interested in medicinal plants.

Much more than a zine, Herbal Roots is really an ongoing herbal course for children and beyond. She features one herb per issue, highlighting medicinal potential, herbal lore, recipes, craft uses and beautiful hand drawn illustrations as well as lots of creative interaction focusing on the plant that’s fun for both parents and children. There’s even an ongoing herbal journal project to keep kids interacting and learning between issues! Kristine describes the zine in her own words:

If you are looking for a herbal course that is easy to understand and has the ability to teach children about herbs, look no further! Herbal Roots Zine is designed to raise the interest level of children and adults through hands-on learning and repetition. Homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike have found Herbal Roots Zine a valuable learning resource for a subject that does not have many opportunities available for children: herbal healing.

Every issue is dedicated to a single herb, and illustrated by Kristine's beautiful artwork.

The information included on each herb is simple and experiential enough to entertain even very young children and in-depth and insightful enough to engage teens and yes, even us old timers. Personally, I find Herbal Roots to be an invaluable treasure in the homeschooling of our 10 year old daughter, Rhiannon. Which gives me a great excuse to read it myself. Even beyond parents, Herbal Roots Zine provides a great resource to any educator or caregiver hoping to find effective and easy ways to facilitate connection between children, the earth and the healing herbs.

Herbalist Rosalee de la Foret of Methow Valley Herbs has this to say about Herbal Roots Zine:

If you haven’t checked out the Herbal Roots Zine then I highly recommend it. I use this monthly zine a lot with my young herbal apprentice Tova Rose. She loves the stories, songs and activities. I love being able to quickly create meaningful content for our weekly meetings.

Kristine’s mission is clearly one fueled by passion and love for working with both herbs and children. The work she puts into each and every issue is exceptional, especially considering that she’s also a mother (caring for 6 children), homesteader, business owner (with a full line of herbal products), student and practicing herbalist! She’s a busy and talented woman, investing herself fully in what she most cares about with a result that benefits us all.

Herbal Roots is only $6 per issue or $60 for a year long subscription, which means you get two issues for free. You can subscribe right here! You can also find information on her current issues, examples of past issues and her plans for future issues on her easily navigated Herbal Roots site.

Kristine Brown - Creator, Author, Illustrator & Publisher of the Herbal Roots Zine.

Kristine is also a Wild Rose level sponsor of the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, and a student in my advanced herbal program here at Anima Lifeways and Herbal School.

You can sign up for the Herbal Roots Newsletter AND subscribe to Herbal Roots Zine here:

Learn more about Kristine’s herbal business, Luna Herb Co. here:

And read her blog, Dancing in a Field of Tansy, right here:

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