Apr 072018


Introducing the Latest Plant Healer Book:


New Conversations With Inspiring Plant Healers of The 21st Century

by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Over 500 Pages – Softbound B&W: $39  – Color Ebook: $29

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Featuring 30 intimate, in-depth conversations – with 20 exciting new voices at the leading edge of herbalism, plus an additional 10 extended, often updated interviews with the most influential of herbal elders and icons:

Kenneth Proefrock • Dara Saville • Guido Masé • Larken Bunce • Sean Donahue • Marija Helt • Jesse Wolf Hardin • Kiva Rose Hardin • Shawn Donnille • Kat MacKinnon • Amber Magnolia Hill • Melanie Pulla • Rae Swersey • Janet Ken • Jen Stovall • Juanita Nelson • Tiffany Freeman • Missy Rohs • Phyllis Hogan • Angie True • Ginger Webb • Laura Ash • Rosemary Gladstar • David Hoffman • Susun Weed • Matthew Wood • Phyllis Light • Phyllis Hogan • Paul Bergner • Juliet Blankespoor • Jim McDonald • Julie Caldwell

Read the stories of plant healers, herbal clinicians, plant geeks, boundary shifting activists, gardeners, botanists, medicine makers, folklorists, mystics, kitchen witches, and activists… and be inspired on your own personal path of healing and practice.

Even if you have been a clinician for decades, you can draw from these pages new insights, ideas and information that may benefit your work.  And even if you have limited herbal experience – or have no interest in growing, gathering, studying or administering medicinal plants yourself – you may still find that this book helps to awaken, deepen or propel your own personal life’s purpose.


“What a gift not only to me but the world.  Really, Jesse Wolf, you’ve done it once again ~ created something so masterful and powerful for the rest of us to savor and enjoy and treasure.  This book is a true jewel to be treasured for, who knows, perhaps generations?  Though I have read many interviews with various people over time, these were so thoughtfully and thoroughly done. I was amazed at the questions you posed to each of us, allowing us to ramble, but not ramble too much, inviting us to self reflect and to dig deep.  I also appreciate the eclectic nature of the interviews, reading those of old favorites and also being introduced to people I don’t know.  I am absolutely impressed by each person’s depth of insight, connection to the plants, and their deep commitment to being of service not only to the green nations but to humanity.  It is just awesome, inspiring, and uplifting!”   –Rosemary Gladstar 


Some of the topics discussed herein:

      •Herbalist’s personal lives & livelihoods, secrets, tools & tips

      •Previously unshared stories about these herbalists’ childhoods, education, experiences, perspectives, loves, peeves, and hopes… candid, vulnerable & unscripted!

      •Underutilized herbs, and little known uses for commonly known plants

      •Constitutional models, energetics, diagnostic methods, case study examples, treatment protocols

      •Herbal healing traditions

      •What herbal students need to know, and how to effectively teach

      •Talking with plants, shamanic herbs, entheogens, & the wounded healer

      •How to start and run a successful herbal business or practice

      •Critical thinking, assessments, and clinician/client skills

      •The cultivation of herbs, foraging & wildcrafting, plant conservation, invasives, & sense of place

      •Approaches to registration, certification, regulation and licensing

      •Herbal justice and activism, neurodiversity and transgender herbalism

      •Inspiring and encouraging personal advice to herbalists and others      

      •Diverse visions of herbalism and its future, and how to best get there


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