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2013 Herbal Resurgence Time!

Day Passes & Revised Class Schedule

Sept. 19th marks the opening of the 4th Annual Plant Healer conference and celebration for herbalists and folks into empowered self care: The Herbal Resurgence Finale: Medicine Of The People.

The excitement is building as we get dozens of happy email each day about the upcoming celebration.  Attendance numbers have exceeded our hopes this year, with people coming from all over the U.S. and Canada.  We’re getting packed and ready to go, hiking all our conference supplies out through waist deep water now that the river that runs through our wild sanctuary has swelled with the seasonal monsoon rains.  We expect to be on site by midday on the 18th, with set-up that evening and registration opening at Noon on Thursday the 19th.

A big thank you to all the work trade folks who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to come and help, to our wonderful teachers who come so far and give so much, and to all those who have been so incredible supportive and loyal to this event and all we do.


Herbal Resurgence

Day Passes Available

For local folks especially, we’ve opened up the sale of Day Passes that allow someone to register for just the days they are actually able to attend.  We’ve placed large color ads in several major Arizona periodicals including the Phoenix New Times, The Noise, and Flagstaff Live, with the intention of drawing in people from the region who may not be practicing herbalists but are intrigued about plant medicine and natural health care.  To purchase a Day Ticket, turn to the Registration Page at:


Revised Class Schedule – Changes & Additions

There have been two changes in the event schedule since first released.

Traci Picard, Herbalist




The inimitable folk herbalist Traci Picard has graciously offered to fill in for a cancelled class, presenting on a very important topic on Saturday morning:

Towards a Holistic Body Image & Self-Care Solutions
“We will explore the mental, physical and emotional aspects of body image within the context of our current  dominant culture as well as some sub-cultures. We will discuss obstacles to a positive self-image and learn about some basic holistic self-support for our selves. We will touch on the role of self-image in our healing work, and go on to examine our own attitudes towards bodies, movement and self-acceptance. There will be a participatory discussion time and a resources list.”



Secondly, Mimi Hernandez has had to cancel due to a family medical emergency. We’ll be very sorry to miss her and her wonderful teaching at the conference!

Additionally, the much loved Sarah Lawless was unable to get across from her home in British Columbia, Canada into the United States for this Resurgence Finale.  We and many of you

Sarah Lawless

Sarah Lawless

coming will greatly miss her!  She writes on FaceBook that:

“I just found out I won’t be able to attend and present my workshops due to unexpected passport and financial issues. I’m very upset about letting the lovely co-host Kiva down and also all of those who were looking forward to my workshops. I’ve wanted to attend this amazing herbal event for years and am full of sorrow that I’ll miss it and miss meeting all the amazing people. I still hope to be able to attend in the future and if you haven’t heard of it you should really check it out.”  –Sarah Lawless



Larken Bunce, one of our valued Herbal Resurgence teachers

Larken Bunce, one of our valued Herbal Resurgence teachers



To see the revised 2013 Herbal Resurgence schedule, click on and download the: 2013 Revised Class Schedule

For more information or to register for the Resurgence Finale go to:

The Herbal Resurgence site will soon be taken down and will be replaced by a single Plant Healer Site with portals to Events, the Magazine, a Bookstore & Art Gallery, and free Writings Archive.:

If you missed the last Plant Healer Newsletter, you can read the latest issue full of articles and interviews by downloading the free:
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You can subscribe to the Newsletter simply by filling in your name and email as shown at the top of our website intro pages.  Future issues will include herbal articles by Sam Coffman, Kiva Rose and many more, along with excerpts from new interviews due to appear unabridged in later volumes of Plant Healer Magazine.



If you too are on your way to the Herbal Resurgence, we’ll see you soon!

Julie Caldwell, Humboldt Herbals

Julie Caldwell, Humboldt Herbals


Lisa Ganora, Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Lisa Ganora, Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism









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  1. I saved my money for over a year and a half so my Honey and I can attend this conference. I can’t believe it is almost here. I am looking forward to meeting you and attending this awesome conference. Thank you for your time and love spent organizing this gathering.

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