Mar 292016

Please Help Us Spread The Word 

About the 2016


The Herbal Resurgence


Your help is needed again getting the word out: Facebooking, putting up TWHC Posters in your area,  and distributing Postcard Announcements if you have or know of an herbal-related retail business.

Growing a Resurgence

It is our mission not only to provide an annual “home” for the returning TWHC tribe, but also to inspire new folks to participate in the excitedly growing herbal resurgence.

Please be so kind as to announce TWHC 2016 on social media, distribute cards to your customers, and print-out or request from us color posters to put up.  We’ll do what we can to outreach your business in turn.

2016 TWHC Postcard -72dpi

New TWHC Postcards

If you have 300 or more herbal customers, we can have a batch of color, postcard sized announcements printed and sent directly to you for distribution.  It’s great if you can put one in each customer bag, or in outgoing shipments when you fill orders.  We can also add your business logo the the front if you’d like.  Please email us your physical address, and tell us how many cards you think you can use between now and the end of August:


2016 TWHC poster

New 11×17 Posters (300 dpi for Printing)

It’s been a few years since we made large posters for this event, but we couldn’t resist for 2016, hope you like how it looks!

We’d love it if you would either print out or have us send you copies to put up at herb stores, schools, and cool hangouts in your region or town.  It’s best if you can get permission from store managers or owners to leave them up until August, in store windows facing the sidewalk, and on or near the checkout area.

If you need us to snail mail you some copies, please email with your physical address and how many posters you think you can put up:

If you have access to a large color printer or copy store, please just download and print out this high-res (300dpi) JPG poster:

2016 11×17 Color Poster File


Posters & Banners For The Internet (72dpi for online use)

For using with your Blogs, Facebook, Instagram and so forth, we have a few options.  Please simply click on, copy and paste your choice of the following 72dpi images, thank you!:

2016 TWHC Announcement-72dpi

2016 TWHC poster 2 -8x11-72dpi

2016 TWHC Masquerade Ball Poster-72dpi

2016 TWHC Spooning The Cool poster-72dpi


Thank you so much for caring enough to take the time to help with this outreach effort.  Hope to see you in September atop Sky-Island, and to hear from you anytime!

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