Sep 162008

Yep, I’m alive and I have many blog posts planned for you… but I’ve only been home two out of the last five days and I’ll be gone again today and tomorrow due to rather unfortunate circumstances. I also just finished designing and laying out Wolf’s newly completed children’s book and doing a couple consultations this week, and my next priority is student work which I’ve been working on but I am still quite behind on. So, all ya’ll people waiting for me, just hold on a bit longer.

In the meantime, enjoy the pic above of the pile of herbs I harvested a couple of days ago. In the pile is Yarrow, Echinacea, Calendula, Mexican Marigold (Tagetes), Agrimony, Raspberry leaves, Cleavers and a bunch of other stuff you can’t see. The Medicine Lodge is piled high in drying herbs, freshly made tinctures and other goodies at the moment. And I have yet more herbs needing my attention before the first hard frost hits them. Time to make yet more Alder tincture, I sure have been going through that stuff.

Have I mentioned how much I love Beebalm and Alder for infections? Yeah I know, lots of times, but I’m saying it again because I’ve just seen it do another small miracle. It’s an impressive combo for all kinds of stubborn, and even chronic, infections anywhere in the body. A couple of times I’ve seen Beebalm start the work but not quite be able to resolve it and then add Alder in and watch the situation suddenly dramatically improve.

Oh, and a quick thank you to my new readers and subscribers. We’ve just recently topped 400 and are heading towards 450, thank you all for reading!

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  1. lovely! do you still want walnuts? I got some today for you if so!

  2. Oh girl,
    Don’t even sweat it. I’ve been feeling like I am giving my blog the cold shoulder a bit too but dang there is so much to do right now!!! Just busy with harvest…..soon, things will really slow down and we will be cozy in front of the woodstove with gads of time on our hands……..
    hey, have you been able to try alder for mastitis? it’s amazing. I am going to try to put a bunch up for the women in my community just to have and try as needed, but I am seeing very promising things there…..
    love and light!

  3. darcey, yes I do still want walnuts! I got some the other day but could definitely use more. Thanks for reminding me.

    shawna, I’ve used the alder for mastitis once with good results. That stuff is good for nearly everything. I can’t hardly keep stocked in it. I WISH things would slow down… my problem is that when things slow down outside I speed up on writing and student work LOL…. The mornings here are already chilly enough for the wood stove, which means fall is here for sure.

  4. what a gorgeous harvest you have there 🙂 can’t wait for more updates (after the harvest season has been tamed, of course… oh, and congrats on 450 subscribers!)

  5. Greetings Kiva *)O(*

    Such a beautiful harvest picture 😉 Thanks for the update… sounds like you’ve got loads going on… harvest time is here! As one of your students, I’ve been just itching to see your comments on my work in the Medicine Woman Core Path… great lesson in stillness 😉 I have directed my energy toward creating a recycled binder (made out of an old fed-ex box) to hold my course work and am covering it in dried herbs/pressed flowers and am continuing to add to my practices from course two. I’ll send you updates/pix soon. I’m truly, truly enjoying the self investigation generated by this work 😉 One question: is there a student group/forum of sorts where we could talk/share with each other?

    Blessings of Abundance,
    Ayla *)O(*

    p.s. Congrats on all of the subscribers!

  6. Hi Ayla, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course! We used to have a student forum but it’s currently defunct. I hope to have a new one up and running sometime this winter after I get the new Anima site up and the new Medicine Woman Tradition site done.

    Hugs to you!

  7. gorgeous & stunning photo

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