Sep 012008

Many years before I arrived at the Sanctuary, Wolf was hard at work restoring this sacred land. Much of his work was with the native plants of the canyon, especially the Wild Grape and Willows. When I came home to the Gila, it was Wolf who gave me my first field guides, plant books and nudged me in the direction of the herbs for healing and sanity.

Likewise, now that I’ve fully taken on the role of medicine woman and herbalist, it has been Wolf who has supported me, emotionally and otherwise, through that transition. He’s happily illustrated my writings, flyers and even been excited to support the herbal community in general by creating many unique and beautiful original business logos for small businesses. Most recently he’s written a children’s book based on the Medicine Woman Tradition, fully and accurately illustrated. He painstakingly breathed life into each and every plant he drew, with careful attention to living examples as well as botanical illustrations.

This is just a little post to honor and thank him, and to wrap him up in one of his own beautiful fairy tale creations honoring the herbs. Without him – this place, my work and even this blog – would not be possible. He has been, and continues to be, the inspiration and support for all I do.

Also, check out his wonderful piece on Health and Healing over at the Anima blog.

  4 Responses to “Gratitude for the Green Man”

  1. Lovely that you honored Wolf in this post. Sounds like a deep and meaningful relationship. Wonderful that the two of you come together and the blessing of this union touches so many other folks, in so many ways!

  2. Hi again,

    Do you have a link for Wolf’s children’ book? I would love to take a look at it and keep it in mind as a gift.

  3. It’s being put together right now, Tammie…. we’ll have more posts and info on it as it’s closer to being done. Should be available in time for the holiday season!

  4. that children’s book sounds interesting indeed

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