Sep 082008

I’m happy to say that this case of cellulitis (see previous post) has been much easier to treat than the one earlier this year. Today, Loba’s walking around fairly easily, almost no redness in the foot and just a little swelling. We continue to do the soaks, poultices and internal tinctures, but I expect she’ll be completely back to normal in a matter of days. Yippee!

Plantain, Alder and Beebalm formed the core of my treatment here, and have proven themselves over and over in stubborn infections from a variety of causes. These are nice simple herbs, all commonly available as weeds in North America or easily grown.

The Peach fixed that wasp sting right up too, it’s good and dependable that way.

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  1. Happy to hear that Loba is recovering, and kudos to you on another cure! I’ve been meaning to ask about the peach tincture… I started a batch last month from luscious fresh peach leaves (in brandy at your suggestion) and also included some peach stems which I chopped slightly. Do you chop the stems when you make your tincture? Is it safe to do so?

  2. Actually, I pretty much only use twigs and bark for my tincture these days, and just dry the leaves for tea…. I’ve made tincture with the pits that was truly lovely as well, a totally divine taste.

  3. That’s great about the cellulitis.

  4. Oh! So glad she is feeling better!!! Ouch!

  5. The Sonoran scorpion is with in your range, so be very carefull. It can kill.
    Always take the corpse of the scorpion with you, if it is small and brown; you do have major problems. Call a Dr. immediatly and phone ahead, to get an ambulance to meet you under way. It is extreamly deadly.


  6. Actually Bill, that scorpion doesn’t live around here…. they may show it on the maps, but we’re at the wrong elevation and in the wrong ecosystem for them to be here. People very much exaggerate the danger of most scorpions. And as I have said several times on this topic, it was NOT AT ALL the scorpion sting that was the problem but the staph infection that happened afterward. Scorpion stings themselves are easily taken care of with Peach and Larrea for the most parts, which is a lot more than most doctors can do. If you go to the doctor or a hospital here with a scorpion sting they’ll just send you home usually….

    And of course we don’t HAVE a phone and the nearest hospital is hours away 😉

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