May 222017

Class Schedule For

The 2017 International Good Medicine Confluence

We are getting more excited as we get closer and closer to this year’s Plant Healer gathering in Durango! There will be more attendees than ever before, twice as many teachers, a much wider breadth of unique classes, and 3 times as many classes as usual.  With six being taught at once in every time period, you may want to choose ahead of time the favorites  you want to be sure and attend.

It is hard to imagine the amount of consideration goes into scheduling, seeking a balance of topics and personalities in each period, and a mix of the clinical/practical and conceptual/historical/visionary, the radical and the downhome.  Sometimes there is an element of humor, as  in teachers known to let their classes run late, getting scheduled for right before meals so that they don’t delay the teachers who follow. And those who tend wake up muddle-headed or with a post-party hangover, have afternoon slots saved for them!

Here for your convenient perusal, is a link to the hopefully final version.  Hope you find the offerings as compelling as we do, we will be looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Click here to download:

Class Schedule–Good Medicine Confluence 2017

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