Mar 302008

Tomorrow is garden planting day! Some of my perennials from last year, like the Motherwort, Comfrey, Catnip and Wild Carrot are already up. And there’s a little Burdock plant too, just unfurling its second leaf. This year, I want to keep it down to basic instead of growing SO many strange little plants that I couldn’t keep track of and that the packrats mostly ate anyway. So for this year my biggest garden section is going to the Oats that I shall harvest for their milky seed, I might even get two crops out of them if I plant spring and fall. Next comes the Ashwagandha babies, who I think will do nicely with our hot summers. Then the standard Mexican Poppies, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Sage, Burdock, Fennel and maybe some Echinacea. Whoever does well gets to stay, anyone who doesn’t germinate or gets eaten isn’t invited back next year. I can’t be babying fluffy garden plants all year, I haven’t the time or the water to do so. You’ll notice most of my chosen garden plants are weeds or near weeds. Plant or person, you’ve got to be pretty tough to live through droughts, floods, forest fire, hot summers, torrential rains and twenty below winters. Ok, maybe I do baby the Basil just a little bit! But when something smells that good, you’re much more likely to return over and over with offerings of water, plant food, prayer and adoration LOL.

  3 Responses to “Garden Ramblings”

  1. of course!! We all have a few babies we take care of.
    Enjoy planting day! We got more snow today. LOL

  2. You get two crops out of milky oats if you cut off the milky seedheads underneath the lowest one … and then wait for the plant to make another seedhead, a few weeks later.

  3. ooooh, good to know, Hetta, thanks for that!

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