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At long last! –– the release of the greatly anticipated


of a 5 course program for the village herbalist:

From the Ground Up: Grassroots Training in Traditional Western Herbalism


Written & Taught by Kiva Rose Hardin

After years of preparation, the essential first course in Kiva Rose’s comprehensive 5 course program has just been released, with openings for a select number of committed students.  Foundations in Traditional Western Herbalism provides information and tools that are important for understanding and getting the most from the 4 other courses in this groundbreaking series.  Kiva’s attention to the basics makes the practice of herbalism comprehensible for a beginner, while her unconventional perspective and innovative approach ensure that even experienced herbalists will find themselves learning new concepts, in lessons that not only inform but stretch and challenge, inspire and delight.

Lessons arrive as PDF files, with beautiful, illustrative color photos scattered throughout.

To register, go to the bottom of this post and click on the Application link.

The Course Work

Each lesson consists of a core topic, accompanying definitions and terms, a section on Materia Medica with an in-depth profile of a single herbal ally, and another featuring a description and complete directions for foundational medicine making techniques, with questions and assignments for every section. Course 1 includes 4 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Roots of Traditional Western Herbalism
    Materia Medica: Nettles (Urtica spp.)
    Medicine Making: Tisanes, Infusions & Nourishing Infusions
  • Lesson 2: Healing as Wholeness & The Tonic Approach
    Materia Medica: Mullein (Verbascum spp.)
    Medicine Making: Infused Oil
  • Lesson 3: Vitalist Herbalism & The Anima
    Materia Medica: Evening Primrose (Oenothera spp)
    Medicine Making: Decoctions
  • Lesson 4: The Matrix – Healing & the Material World
    Materia Medica: Goldenrod (Solidago spp.)
    Medicine Making: Herbal Baths & Hydrotherapy

Students can take as long as needed to complete work, which includes studies and readings, the answering of questions and the fulfillment of assignments.  It is these assignments that are in some ways the most crucial of all, placing the focus on the immediate, practical utilization of each idea and skill that we learn here.  “This is not so much about memorizing information,” she explains, “but about experiencing the plants and their effects, and learning to understand and integrate those effects in a practical and effective way.”  Once the coursework is completed and emailed back, Kiva reviews it and then writes a single detailed, personal response providing any helpful clarification or correction, further suggested assignments and advice where needed.

Once your Foundations in Traditional Western Herbalism questions and assignments are complete, you may then want to enroll in each of the following, soon to available courses:

  • Course 2: Elements in Energetic Herbalism
  • Course 3: Human Ecology: Physiology & Organ System Energetics for the
    Traditional Herbalist
  • Course 4: Reading the Terrain: Practical Diagnostics for the Traditional Herbalist
  • Course 5: Restoration: Pathophysiology & Diagnostics for the Traditional Herbalist

Course 1 will provide the groundwork for beginning or furthering herbal healing practice, and anyone taking all 5 courses can be confidant of having been given the essential information, means and tools needed to be a highly effective herbalist… whether treating one’s self and family, or giving one’s life to helping heal others.

About Your Instructor

Kiva is the cofounder of the distinctive sense and common sense based Anima Tradition of Herbalism, author of the acclaimed Anima Healing Arts Blog (formerly the Medicine Woman’s Roots), and the village herbalist of the rural community near her lush botanical sanctuary in the wilderness of Southwest New Mexico.  She’s become known for her intuitive understanding of plants and their properties, leading her to discover – or in some cases rediscover – novel uses and treatments, as well as for her evocative, easily understood explanations of energetics, and she and her school’s bioregional emphasis.

Kiva writes: “My focus is firmly on accessible, grassroots herbalism that educates the individual and serves the community, both the human component as well as the larger earthen community. I strongly believe in restoring health at all levels and approach healing from the understanding that the body is a diverse and intelligent ecology, integrally connected to the planet as a whole.”

As her partner in this life and work, I couldn’t be more proud of her efforts, or more impressed with this life-empowering and life-enhancing course.


All courses are offered on a donations basis, with a $350 to $700 suggested sliding scale depending on your ability to contribute and how much you value what is offered.  Those unable to donate the complete amount at once, are invited to contribute over time as able.

Apply Now

To apply, click on the link below, then download, fill out and return the:

Foundations in Traditional Western Herbalism Home Study Course Application

Spread the Word

And please make the time to spread the word about this exciting series of courses, by pasting and forwarding this message to your mailing list, or reposting this announcement on your blog or in  appropriate forums you frequent.  Thank you for your patience in waiting for this course to be released, and for your commitment to healing, the plant world and this School.
-Jesse Wolf Hardin

Anima Lifeways and Herbal School
www.AnimaCenter.org and www.AnimaHealingArts.org

  6 Responses to “From the Ground Up: Grassroots Training in Traditional Western Herbalism”

  1. This sounds like just what I have been looking for.

  2. Congratulations, Kiva!
    It sounds like a great course. How long do you think it will take to get through?
    I see you said the first course was essential, will you offer the others without having taken the first?
    I have been considering a course for years, just to tie everything together, and this sounds pretty good.

    • Thanks Tracy,

      Depending on the person, I think that Course 1: Foundations in Traditional Western Herbalism will probably take at least 8-10 weeks, depending the person, their experience level and how much they have to dedicate to the course. It’s about 165 pages long, with four lessons, each divided into three sections with questions and assignments for each section.

      This five course program is meant to be taken in order because the concepts, especially those dealing with energetics build on each other. I will be offering other courses not in this program on materia medica, advanced therapeutics, field botany, etc,. that will be available to be taken separately.


  3. Hi Kiva 🙂 to pay for the course do you just click the donate button on the right of this screen?? Ill send right away as soon as I make sure that’s how I do it.

  4. Hi Kiva, I am so excited about your correspondence courses with the Certificate of Completion of each course. I am wondering if the course work for the beginning class requires being able to get outside to complete parts of it? We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground which has not melted in several days. I want to be able to make the most of the learning experience, so if it is necessary to work outside somewhat (which totally makes sense) I will wait until Spring to enroll. Please give me some input on this, Thanks…..

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