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In addition to what Rhiannon mentions, there is also a wonderful review by herbalist, mama and Medicine Woman student, Angie Goodloe on her great blog, Authentic Mama that you’ll want to check out.


Hi Everybody!  Thank you to all the people from all over the world who have bought my book!  I love you so much!

Mama Kiva says it makes a huge difference to book sales if there are lots of good reviews on the Amazon dot com site, so PLEASE if you have read it and liked it, go to the Amazon Site and say a few words.  It really doesn’t have to be that long, and you don’t have to try to be all literrary or anything!

 (A Note from Mama Kiva: We’ll soon be listed as a seller on Amazon, so if you do post a review, please mention that signed copies can be purchased from the author through Amazon.)

Here is the first wonderful one posted there, by Danu Gray Wolf.  You write really well too!  Thank you Danu, you’re so sweet!

“Jesse Wolf Hardin has written the perfect story for little earth children, no matter our ages. I was one of the first lucky people to receive this book, and I can honestly see children of all ages (as well as adults) loving this story and reading it repeatedly for years. The art is excellent, and the herb game at the end of the book is very interesting and challenging.  Not only does this book have a very inspiring quality, but it is also very interactive, and it is written from a perspective of a parent’s great love and respect for the inner wisdom of his child.  5+ Stars!!!”

Just click here to go to the Amazon Site and read this review and 7 more!

Or you can do a search for I’m a Medicine Woman Too!    THANK YOU SO MUCH!

-Love to everyone,
Rhiannon Hardin (River Otter and Canyon Protector!)

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  1. I received my copy yesterday, thank you!

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