Aug 042013

Plant Healer Newsletter by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Free Plant Healer Newsletter

We’ve expanded not only the length but the scope of our free digital journal for herbalists, wildcrafters and plant lovers of all kinds, renaming it the “Plant Healer’s Newsletter.”  Published 6 to 10 times per year, this newsletter will feature advance excerpts from upcoming Plant Healer issues, as well as inspiring articles and interviews with herbalists that won’t be be found in our magazine or anywhere else.  The newsletter runs from 10 to 30 pages in length, and is sent out 6 to 10 times per year as a free service to the community.  Please tell your friends about it, especially any who may not normally be able to afford herbal books or zines.

The issue releasing this week is the sixth this year, 20 pages of information and illustrations containing fascinating interview excerpts with herbalists Larken Bunce and Jim McDonald, as well as an article about the medical uses for Verbena by Kiva Rose.  Future issues will include more plant profiles, clinical herbal info, updates on Plant Healer events, and interview excerpts with Paul Bergner, Howie Brounstein, Caroline Gagnon and more.

Article submissions will be accepted for consideration from now on.  Write us for more info, or for affordable advertising in the Plant Healer Newsletter.  To subscribe, simply go to the top of the intro page of our websites, fill in your name and email address and you’re good to go!

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Larken Bunce

Larken Bunce

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald

  7 Responses to “Free Plant Healer Newsletter”

  1. Arrgh! I’ve been round and round the herbal resurgence & PHM sites and can’t find anywhere to sign up for the new Plant Healer Newsletter, just the Resurgence newsletter which I already receive. I’ve been a PHM subscriber for some time now and the newsletters would be great between editions of PHM. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can access the newsletter. Thanks.

    • Hi Carol, just sign up in the newsletter field on the site… it’s on every page. It may still say Herbal Resurgence newsletter, but it’s the same list, and the name will be change on the site as soon as I have a chance.

  2. Can we view past issues?

  3. Hi, Sorry, I still can’t find the name/email fields to subscribe to the free newsletter. Can you direct me more specifically, or provide a link? Thanks!

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