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October 12th is the release date for the first issue of Vol. VI of the remade Herbaria Ezine, an over 50 pages-long monthly supplement to the nearly 300 pages-long quarterly Plant Healer Magazines, providing content even to those unable to afford needed educational materials!  Issues feature abridged articles from the magazine and contributions by you – our empowered herbalist community.  First for you to see, is the new Herbaria masthead for 2016… we hope you like it.

Herbaria Free Herbal Ezine www.PlantHealer.org

Herbaria Free Herbal Ezine www.PlantHealer.org

And below you’ll find a sneak peek at this month’s Herbaria articles.

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Herbaria’s October Contents:

Introducing The 2015 TWHC Class Essays

Providing a first look at the new Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference “Class Essays Ebook” – over 400 color pages of full length essay articles give away free to TWHC attendees, and this month being released for sale to the general public through the Bookstore page of the Plant Healer website.

Wild Rose by Jesse Wolf Hardin-72dpi

Kiva Rose Hardin: The Rosaceae 

An excerpt from Kiva’s extensive article from the 2015 Class Essays Ebook, on the medicinal properties and uses of various Rose family plants, in this section focused on common and wild Roses (Sweetbriar) –– including properties of the rose such as a relaxant nervine and liver relaxant, blood mover, anti-inflammatory, hyperimmunity, anti-infective and hemostatic, and its uses treating insect bites, abrasions, burns, and cellulitis.  She also shares with us here the recipes for her much loved “Rose Winter Tea” and special “Heart of Guadalupe” elixir.

Cannabis Medicine

Ramona Rubin: Cannabis Medicine Synergy

Ramona gifts us with a second excerpt from the new 2015 TWHC Class Essays Ebook
Resources for Herbalists, this time focused on medicinal Cannabis for use by herbalists.  She does an excellent job of covering historic context and prejudices, cannabinoid research, safe usage and dosage considerations, topical uses and drug interactions.  She writes:

“Until such a time that broad and systemic changes come to our medical system, herbalists and other holistic health practitioners have work to do on the front-lines, engaging patients in conversations about their Cannabis use and how to optimize it. When such healers and health advocates come from an informed, caring, non-judgemental place, they can support the patient to work with this “teacher plant” in ever more respectful and intentional ways, with clear objectivity and reflection. As we move towards decriminalization and reduced barriers to care these changes will extend onward to doctors’ attitudes towards medicinal and recreational Cannabis use.”

Acron 72dpi
Elka’s Recipes: Making Use of Acorns

In keeping with the Autumn wildcrafting season, Elka wrote for you a detailed article about utilizing the nuts of various Oaks: making Acorn flour, Acorn/Fir Tea, and yummy Acorn Mochi Cakes.

Matt Wood & Sean Donahue-72dpi
Herbalist Interview: Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood is a true wise elder of the folk herbal tribe.  His early clinical books remain essential reading for plant healers, and each of his quarterly columns in Plant Healer Magazine are greatly anticipated.  Here we include a short excerpt from our conversation with Matt in our book “21st Century Herbalists,” providing inspiration and example for us all.  As he says:

“I feel that my generation did its job.  We discovered that herbalism worked, we rediscovered the lost art of Western herbalism, and we defended our rights.  But there are also a lot of prickly egos in the ranks of herbalism and it is not possible for my generation to critique ourselves or compare and integrate our own discoveries. So we leave it to the younger generation to flush out and integrate, test and prove, and add plenty of new things.  Cite us for our discoveries, and then make your own.  Have fun, enjoy! Teaching at Plant Healer events, I truly felt the torch being handed on.”

Stories & Photos: The 2015 TWH Conference

It has long been said that Plant Healer events are like none others, and last month’s 2015 conference and celebration was by almost everyone’s estimate the best TWHC ever!  It was as if all who came understood and were in tune with a resurgence not only in folk herbalism, but a resurgence in themselves that has ramifications for all they are and all they’ll do.  In our pseudo-official way, we proclaimed everyone present as Certified Wonderful, forever free to put these letters after their names in all correspondence: SEC, KWMM, PHF, BAH – Self-Empowered Caregivers, Kitchen Witch Medicine Makers, Plant-Hearted Fanatics, and all around BadAss Herbalists.  I can’t tell you how many people came up to us to say how the gathering reminded them “of why I do what I do, the original reasons for getting into herbalism”…. which wasn’t acceptance by the dominant medical paradigm, it was following our hearts and addressing a need.  It wasn’t about income, no matter how much we need to make a living, it was the possibility of a different way of life.  It was, we were told by person after person, about making our lives into gifts.  It was about caring and loving.  It was about the plants.

It is our privilege to present for you in the October Herbaria a selection of photos by ourselves and attendees, along with some of their stories, to share with you the feel of this TWHC’s empowering studies, sweet camaraderie, revitalized inspiration, and wild celebration.


Once subscribed, you can look for a download link to this issue in an email on Oct 12th.  Enjoy!

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