Jun 262014

Free Newsletter For Herbalists Now Available

The June 2014 Issue of Plant Healer Newsletter

  plant healer The June issue of the free Plant Healer Newsletter was emailed to newsletter subscribers a few days ago.  In case you missed it, we’re going to include a link to it at the bottom of this post for you to download.  We won’t be repeating this each time, however, so be aware that in the future you will need to be already be subscribed in order to receive yours. The Plant Healer Newsletter is sent out around the second or third week of every month except September, 11 issues per year, each one providing an average 30 full color pages of herbal information, plant profiles, diagnostics, natural and wild foods recipes, excerpts from past and upcoming Plant Healer quarterly magazines, and interview excerpts with both the elders and the new voices of herbalism today.  It could be said that we didn’t need the extra work of producing a newsletter on top of a magazine, books and events, but we strongly felt that we needed a venue to provide some absolutely free content as well… especially for those of you who can’t afford the kinds of materials you need for your study and practice.  Kiva and I can’t do this work of championing the folk herbal resurgence without the income from paid magazine subscriptions, but neither can we stop giving gifts that help make herbal insights and wisdom available to everyone.


June Newsletter Contents:

Matthew Wood: Inspiring excerpts from Plant Healer interview with this well know herbal elder • Deborah Wallin: Traditional Tongva Herbalist Toypurina • Michael Tierra: Bermuda Grass profile • Kiva Rose: The Enchantments of Medicine Making • Elka: Watercress & Beet salad recipe • Introducing Tesoro! – the rockin’ flamenco of our HerbFolk 2014 band • The Healing Terrain – creating a book about nature’s healing powers

Your are welcome and even encouraged to repost this blog, or give the link for the June issue to your students and all your friends, or include it as a giveaway now or in future mailings you do.

Click on the following download link: June Issue of Plant Healer Newsletter

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  1. Thank you

  2. So excited to find your magazine and newsletter.
    Marian Engle Smith

  3. This is wonderful! How do I subscribe?

  4. Thank you – bright blessings for this lovely contribution

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