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If you haven’t already, subscribe to Plant Healer’s absolutely free Herbaria Newsletter for a monthly dose of herbal information and skills.  The exciting March issue will be released soon, containing 2 inspiring interviews and 4 articles for herbalists and anyone interested in using plants for medicine:

Paul Bergner3-72dpi1. Paul Bergner brings us the History & Vision of The Herbal Resurgence, an uplifting synopsis of the contemporary rise of folk herbalism that he wrote as a special Foreword to our new collection of Plant Healer Magazine articles from 2010-2014 – The Treasury of Herbal Wisdom.

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2. Dara Saville is becoming one of the better writers in this field, contributing to both PH Magazine and Herbaria.  An Albuquerque based bioregional herbalist, she shares with us the story of her new Yerba Mansa Restoration project, an ambitious effort to inventory and reintroduce this important native herb in the riparian Bosque along the Rio Grande River.

Yerba Mansa roots connected

3. Susun Weed is the long popular teacher of the Wise Woman Tradition, providing here an excerpt from her PH Magazine series on her Medicine Wheel of Plant Uses, this time a grounding and centering piece titled Coming Home To Our Roots.

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4. Sabrina Lutes is the primary contributor to PH Magazine’s column about administering herbs to children and pregnant women.  For this March issue of Herbaria, she contributes an original article on Integrating Herbal Modalities that has never appeared in PHM or elsewhere… hope you enjoy it!

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5. Katja Swift is the subject of our first Herbaria interview this issue, a Boston-based herbal practitioner with excellent deductive skills and an ability to personalize and bring to life even the most complex information.


6. Thomas Easley joins us in conversation for a second interview this issue, an up and coming herbalist teacher who recently moved his practice to North Carolina.  We expect you will find much of what he says fascinating and helpful, with these herbalist interviews providing inspiration for the deepening and growing of our own personal herbal paths.

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  1. Thanks for all the information you give …I am a practicing herbalist and love to learn as much as I can about these magical plants …I have used and study herbs for about 35 years …I have always loved nature and all it has to offer since I was a young girl….<3 Peace n Herbs Betty herbalwoman

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