Apr 142015

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Planning continues for the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, and the release of yet more Plant Healer books and magazines… but somehow or other we are managing to also make time for another supplemental Herbaria Newsletter.  Herbaria is absolutely free to anyone subscribing, with the upcoming April issue containing 50 color pages of herbal information and inspiration.  You can look forward to the following and more:

• Catherine Skipper – writing about Medicinal Trees and learning to listen to them

• John Slattery, providing text and photos on the fascinating topic of harvesting and preparing edible Saguaro cactus

• Dale Pendell writes about the intersection of Deep Ecology, Wild Mind, & Psychedelic Plants

• Elka offers another delicious and healthy recipe –  Wild Mustard & Braised Beets

• An insightful interview with unconventional herbalist teacher Sam Coffman, including 1500 words of totally new material

• Plus a second interview, with the heartful herbalist, horticulturist, teacher and photographer Juliet Blankespoor

• And for those of you hoping to attend the 2015 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, we will be announcing this year’s exciting Dance Band!


You must be subscribed to be certain of receiving your April issue when it releases April 20th.

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  1. I am confused. Do I have to re-subscribe every month for each newsletter or do you have a list that you send to after subscribing once. I love the newsletter. Thank you for keeping it free. Linda.

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