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The August issue contains 44 full color pages of inspiration and information, starting with the second installment of an excellent piece on Locavore Medicine by upcoming 2019 Good Medicine Confluence teacher Jade Alicandro Mace, focused this time on Herbal Honeys.  You might especially enjoy Jenny Mansell’s contribution on Herbal Treats For The Hot Days of Summer.  Also included is a no-holds-barred piece by my longtime friend Susun Weed, empowering us all to follow our callings as healers of every kind – without the need for degrees, registration in an approving organization, or a license from anyone.  It is truly a celebration of the power of healing plants, and our historic claim to practice what what we learn without permission or approval, and without feeling either inadequate or unworthy. And finally, an excerpt from a piece by myself, drawn from the book Plant Healer’s Path (available through the Plant Healer Bookstore, click through from, a piece expressing how and why we care so much about y’all!

We depend on paid subscriptions to the quarterly Plant Healer Quarterly magazine in order to produce Herbaria, our events, and all we do to spread and support the folk herbal community… but these monthly Herbaria supplements are our gift – Medicine for the people! No matter what how low your income, you can subscribe and receive some of the info you need to be a practicing Plant Healer!


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