May 102008

Early this morning I, Loba, Rhiannon and a student headed up the big arroyo to enjoy the gorgeous weather and flowers.  Stepping between the boulders and little green things, we made our way about a mile further up into the mountains. We were delighted on every side by the colors, smells and the little quick-footed lizards weaving between our feet. Virgin’s Bower vines wound out of every crevice and Wild Cherry flowers dangled above our heads. We stopped for a snack of pesto and veggies on a beautiful smooth stone that Rhiannon dubbed “The Fairy Table”. I’d managed to bring along my little digital camera so snapped a few shots of the various flowers and plants as we walked along. My photography (and camera) are nowhere near Wolf’s quality of color and composition, but I thought they’d make lovely blog pics nonetheless. Here’s the first installment, all of my current favorite flower (at least until the Roses bloom), the delicate spires of our local Chokecherry.






All photos (c) 2008 Kiva Rose

  5 Responses to “Flower of the Moment: Wild Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Lovely!! Thanks for sharing the lovely beauty of your home!

  2. What are you goin gto do with your cherry blossoms??

  3. I tinctured flowers (and some leaves and twigs), in the goal of using it therapeutically similarly to hawthorn (though more cooling and with a stronger digestive focus). Yeah I know, everyone says you’ll die if you eat cherry leaves but I’ve been nibbling them this spring with no troubles. They’re not as tasty as the bark or flowers though so I’m using less of the proportionately. Robin Rose Bennett told me she’s used flowers and leaves as well so it’s an ongoing experiment.

    The tincture already tastes AMAZING, a bit like peach and a bit like hawthorn but mostly like cherry 🙂

  4. awsome! Let me know how it goes. Ive always heard that about cherry too…

  5. I’ve got a post to publish on it soon… tried it on a bunch of different people with pretty consistent and exciting results… looking forward to long term work with it too.

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