Jun 292008

It finally happened! The oppressive heft of rain waiting to happen broke though into a gentle, unsteady storm that’s been coming and going all afternoon and evening. The season is still building, and fullblown torrential downpours are somewhere in the near future. And now we’ll even be able to breathe without all the smoke hanging over the house. I am pleased to report that the plants are VERY happy about this shift, despite the onslaught of pea sized hail that bombarded them a little earlier.

In a break between showers, Loba and I grilled elk kebabs (in Indonesian marinade yum) over a sweet little fire burned down to glowing coals. And then we all sat in the sand in the stone circle and ate elk, onions, sweet peppers and squash with our fingers. It started to drizzle again just before we finished and we happily drank raindrops with the final bites of supper.

I’ve been loving food books lately and am especially enamored of the River Cottage Meat Book, a truly phenomenal tome on preparing, cutting, curing and cooking meat and game. Lovely pictures and a well balanced and wise commentary on the horrors of factory farming, the deliciousness of good meat and the ethics of hunting and agriculture. Good stuff for us enthusiastic omnivores.

Speaking of wild foods, I just wrote a long post called Primal Sacrament: The Joy of Wild Foods and Medicines over at the Animá blog that I imagine most of you will enjoy. There’s lots of pictures included, and the pic here of Rhiannon with her Nettle is taken from the same series.

Tomorrow it’s time to gather mulberries, pick some more Peach leaves and stock up on a few other choice weedy friends. While I’m in the village I’ll buy a dozen local eggs, precious and hard to come by during the hot season and look for wild green along the river. Then I’ll be back here, in front of the machine, learning Dreamweaver and writing about herbs and more herbs.

My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I’m busy dreaming up a fruit sweetened berry flax cake… following a fire roasted meal of meat and veggies eaten under the trees. All topped of by a birthday kiss from the river. It will be a lovely way to turn 28, and another great excuse to celebrate life!

  2 Responses to “First Monsoon”

  1. Your lifestyle touches the depths of my heart. Congratulations on the monsoon!

    Your birthday plans sound wonderful, may it be a lovely celebration!

  2. I loved how you described your vocational journey as windy, and how you discerned more precisely where you want to be as a Medicine Woman. Very inspiring. Thank you.

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