Sep 272009

This is just a short post to let all my blog readers, clients, students and other people awaiting emails, know that I am working madly away at the websites and Conference planning, and will be mostly out of touch until the end of this week. Sorry for any inconvenience and many thanks for your support of this vital work, especially the upcoming Tradition in Western Herbalism Conference!

Hope you’re all having beautiful harvest seasons wherever you are. Unless of course, you’re in New Zealand or Australia, in which case I hope you’re having a gorgeous and ever more blooming Spring.

Here we’ve been having our first frosts and the mountains are gold with wildflowers and the air is thick with the honey-sweet scent of Snakeweed and Goldenrod. The kitchen and Medicine Lodge are filling up with freshly blended teas, fragrant salves, row upon row of tincture bottles and of course lots of yummy preserved foods, from Blackberry sauce to Green Chile Relish to Bone Broth.

I’ll be back soon, and look forward to sharing more of the bounty and magic with each of you in the near future!



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