Mar 052008

  7 Responses to “First Flowers!”

  1. Is this chickweed?


  2. Hi San, nope, no Chickweed here in the Canyon…

    this beauty is Mountain Candytuft (Noccaea montana I think) also called Pennycress… The flowers are often tinged with violet or pink depending on their location. They mostly grow in Montane areas populated with lots of Ponderosa Pine.

  3. What a beautiful plant, do you use it. We are still covered with 10 inches of snow in Central Minnesota and I have chickweed I eat all winter, just need to dig deep enough to find it.

  4. Hi Sue!

    Being part of the mustard family, this plant has been used in the past as a digestive aid…. I munch on it now and then, but have a hard time ever harvesting any because they’re so pretty and bloom when nothing else is which makes it hard to remove them from the landscape. Plus, they’re very little, and so it takes a great deal of prettiness to make a small amount of medicine.

    Chickweed grows in the mountains some, but it’s not terribly common in this area. I am trying to get it to grow in the garden though. It’s a bit dry for its liking round these parts.

  5. Chickweed loves the shade, I find her all over my gardens hiding under other plants.
    Because it is so plentiful here she is one of my best allies.
    Thanks for the information on Mt Candytuft she is beautiful.
    Many Green Blessing

  6. the flowers remind of bluets, one of our early-ish springtime beauties (tho we’ve still got a way to go before then!) i love the name!

  7. […] posted a picture of Candytuft (Noccaea montana) not too long ago here, and in the comments I talked about munching on it here and there but not using it much. However, […]

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