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2016 TWHC Final Scholarships poster 72dpi

Plant Healer gatherings are rightfully known as the “Medicine of The People,” serving a unique community of herbalists and others who are not only professionals but everyday people, the common folk: part-time practitioners, backwoods mothers, volunteers at nonprofits, and kitchen-sink medicine makers.  As a result, few attendees of our past gatherings have been able to easily afford the trip to the beautiful Southwest, let alone the price of the ticket.  It is partly for you folks that we pick sites that has free camping in the adjacent national forest, and it is for you that every year we make available work trade positions, accept barter, arrange for time payments, and give away a significant number of scholarships to attend.  

Because we aim to support the marginalized and those at an economic disadvantage, it can be difficult for us to cover the bills… so it remains crucial that our community purchase enough tickets to cover the high costs of putting on the conference.  If you pay for herbal school, classes or online programs, please consider TWHC to be a component of your herbal education that is equally worth saving for and paying for.

If, however, you cannot afford to attend, don’t let a lack of funds get in your way!

We welcome you to apply to assist with work trade, make time payments, offer barter, and/or to receive a free scholarship… in support of your healing path.

1. Work Trade

We need a limited number of folks each year to assist with registration and sales in the Healer’s Market, and to shuttle teachers from the airport to the site.

We can also use help spreading word about Plant Healer publications and events through social media etc., and making calls to potential sponsors if either is something you would like.

2. Make Payments

It’s great to get time payments from those of you who with an income, who can’t afford the entire ticket price at once.  The value of a ticket for this purpose is $300.  You can take from 6 months to a whole year to cover the total, even when that means paying part of it after you have already attended.  All we need is your sincere commitment, and for your follow through on whatever payment arrangement that you commit to.

3. Barter

You can offer a mix of part payments and part barter, or even all barter, to cover the $300. value of your ticket.  Trades need to be for things we will actually use, so we’ve included some possibilities in the application below.

4. Scholarships

Scholarships are meant for those of you who are for whatever reasons unable to pay for your herbal education, including for schools and courses, and who do not have enough barter.  You can request a scholarship to cover either part or all of the cost of a Plant Healer event ticket.  We are more than happy to support those in need who are devoted to learning and practicing the herbal arts, it’s part of our mission!

To Apply For Assistance to Attend, please write for an application soon:

For more information about this year’s Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, click on the Events page at:

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