Jun 202012

Vodu upav. Kupalo na Ivana!

Happy Summer Solstice/Midsummer to all of you on this side of the hemisphere!

And Blessed Ivan Kupailo/Kupala Day to all you Russians/Ukrainians/Poles/Belorussians who celebrate the old ways! Today is a lovely day for weaving flower wreaths, making food magic with berries, playing in the forest, and searching for that mythical Fernflower, Chervona Ruta. It’s a hot day here in the Canyon, and well suited to spending the whole day in the river underneath the Alders. This morning I made a Spiced Blackberry Kissel (a Russian berry custard), and we’ll soon be savoring it cold, and topped with local cream and a splash of dark red wine.

However you celebrate, enjoy this longest day of the year !


  4 Responses to “Fernflower and Blackberries: Celebrating the Summer Solstice”

  1. Lovely! Thank you!

  2. I always have sensory overload, reading your posts. You, your lyrical writing, your magical journeys, gathering & foodways create such a rich, sensually pleasurable experience. Thank you for sharing all that you do!!

  3. Nice. I had to look up the name. What a delight. I recall back home the Ukrainian Community would annually celebrate traditional customs and have a fair serving traditional foods and feature dancers in traditional garb. I had not heard of this feature.

  4. Hope it was as lovely as it sounds!
    FYI, Audrey is now erasing a mark for every day counting down to the conference and (most exciting for her) camping. It sure looks like a lot of marks but they’re disappearing quick.

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