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Baba Yaga by Kiva Rose

Plant Healer Magazine – Fall Issue
Over 250 Pages – Releases Sept. 2nd
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Sept. 2nd is the release date for the exciting 12th Plant Healer Magazine, the final issue of Volume III.   We’re very excited about its content, another great collection of insights and experiences from many of the best authors in the field.

Plant Healer Fall Content

Kiva Rose takes on digital sculpting and painting, creating her first Plant Healer cover, a personable Baba Yaga gathering mushrooms in the deep forest.  With any encouragement, she may make high quality art prints of her Baba available for sale.

Paul Bergner’s “Herbal Rebel” column is back!  We are so grateful – it has been terribly hard for him to get any time to write due to his teaching, trips, and taking care of their baby Lilikoi when his partner Tania works.  But there are almost no others that speak as clearly and incisively on widely avoided topics, while imparting the tools that only decades of experience make possible.  This issue’s column focuses on perspective, practice and education in the South, another installment in his directional Medicine Wheel of capacities and approaches.  If you get the chance, please thank him personally for his Plant Healer sharings, of so much value to us all.

Our awesome regular columnists are joined this time by the engaging herbalist authors Jon Keyes, Rebecca Altman, Sean Donahue, Ryn Midura, Sam Coffman, Renee Davis, Corinne Boyer, Christophe Bernard,  Catherine Skipper, Michelle Czolba, Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir, including a super well written piece by first time contributor Dave Meesters on the treating of so called “bad habits” and exploring the the concepts of “medicine” and “poison,” as well as a final exclusive excerpt from Robin Rose Bennett’s upcoming book “Green Treasures.”

We’re pleased to run my conversation with Sam Coffman in this issue’s Plant Healer Interview department.  It’s a pleasure to run exclusive advance excerpts from his upcoming book, as well as to host his teaching at the Sept. 19th-22nd Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous.  As you’ve seen here in this magazine, he writes extremely well about herbal actions, regulation and legalities, primitive skills, wildcrafting, post disaster response, first-aid and wound care, and all with an entertaining “no b.s.” style.  It is for this reason that I include some of his commentary in our book The Plant Healer’s Path, and it’s also why we’re so glad to share here our interview containing his personal story, insights and wisdom.  Order your own hardbound copy of The Plant Healer’s Path from the new Bookstore page at

Cover Art: Baba Yaga – Digital Sculpture/Painting by Kiva Rose
Art Poster:    Humphrey’s Witch Hazel Oil – 1880s Advertising Card
Introduction & Announcements
Art Poster: Herb Gathering – 1880s Advertising Card
Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Joy of Herbalism: Levity & Play, Happiness & Bliss
Kiva Rose: Overview of The Plant Healer’s Path: A Grassroots Guide For The HerbFolk Tribe
Paul Bergner: Learning In The South Direction: In Praise of Community Herbalism
Art Poster: Flower Vendor by Léon Jean Bazille Perrault
Phyllis Light: The Story of Us
Juliet Blankespoor: Plant Photography: How To Take Pictures You’re Pleased With
7Song: Brassicaceae – The Mustard Family
Art Poster: Five of Earth by Joanna Powell Colbert
Jesse Wolf Hardin: Finding Our Medicine: Answering a Calling, Assuming Our Path
Art Poster: Herbal Basket – 1905 Advertising Card
Art Poster: The Path That Suits Our Direction & Tastes by JWH
Susun Weed: Oily Edible Seeds – Part II
Art Humor Poster: Altered 1950s Movie Poster: La Femme Apache by JWH
Robin Rose Bennett: Red Clover
Rebecca Altman: California Everlasting: Gnaphalium Californicum
Corinne Boyer: Dock: Grandma’s Healing Balm & Root Medicine
Renee Davis: Turkey-Tail Mushrooms & The Antifragility of Immunity
Art Poster:    Skunk Medicine (Logo for herbalist Irene Sturla) by JWH
Dave Meesters: Dark Medicines: Seeing Patients With “Bad Habits”
Sean Donahue: Mental Health Therapeutics
Ryn Midura: Toxins & Terrain: A 4-Elements Model of Detoxification
Sam Coffman: The Herbal Medic: Part II: Wound Healing & Infection In The Field
Christophe Bernard: Tools For The Clinic: Success Criteria & Health Journal
Jim McDonald: Foundational Actions: Stimulants
Art Poster: Russian Girl In Summer Garland by Konstantin Makovsky
Jon Keyes: Traditional European Medicine: Herbal Astrology
Art Poster: Carnival Insectivora by Madeline Von Foerster
Matthew Wood: EarthWise: The Practice of Western Herbalism
Art Poster:    Autumn Winds by Zephyr
Rhiannon Hardin: (age 13): Chaparral
Catherine Skipper: Healing Plants With Plants – Part II: How To Make Plant Treatments
Loba: Boletus Mushroom Feast
Michelle Czolba: Bringing The Tantric Arts Back Into Natural Skin Care
Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir: Culpeper’s Profession: A History of Apothecaries & Their Significance
Sam Coffman: Connecting The Dots: From Folk Medicine to Modern Herbalism
Plant Healer Interviews: Sam Coffman
Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Medicine Bear Novel For Herbalists: Part VIII
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