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An Exciting New 2018 Good Medicine


Bring Your Kids – & Take Part Yourself!

Plant Healer parents, we really, really thank you for doing what you can so that your kids can attend the Good Medicine Confluence with you this May. It can be hard when your offspring are school age, but their education continues with the special kid classes that will be taught.

If we are to truly create a culture of healing, we must include the young, providing for them opportunities for education, empowerment, and celebration… along with examples of healthy values, deep connection, personal creativity, and the desire to help.

Since the first annual Plant Healer event 9 years ago, we have offered free and ultra-inexpensive tickets to young’ns and teens, and invited volunteers to create a safe and caring space for the attending youth. Early Village coordinator Lauren Stauber took it to another level, by organizing a host of kid class teachers with plant and nature related themes, and by initiating efforts to network parents both within and outside of the Plant Healer tribe. Now under the direction of Taylor Martin and her amazing Rainbow Lightning team, the Village has an opportunity to further grow, becoming ever more colorful, mentally stimulating, and heart affirming!

In addition, you may want a short break from tending your littlest ones, and the Rainbow folks are insured childcare pros.  For the first time, the Village has a childcare service in exchange for a donation.

Kiva and I want to make a personal appeal for your involvement and that of your children. Help grow the kid contingent of Plant Healer, and help make the Youth Village an evolving component of these events!

For more information about the classes and activities, to volunteer to teach a kid’s class yourself, or to make a loving donation to Rainbow Lightning for their wondrous free service, please email the ever so sweet and capable Taylor Martin:


And below we are pleased to include her article with descriptions from some of the known offerings of this year’s Village.  Thank you again, parents.  And thank you, kids!  

                                                                                                 –Papa Wolf


Rainbow Lightning’s Good Medicine Youth Village

by Taylor Martin


We are so excited to be collaborating with Plant Healer this year, to create a comfortable and inspiring family area at the Good Medicine Confluence! 

The Rainbow Lightning team strives to inspire everyone around them to awaken the unique gifts that lie within their hearts! Empowering youth of all ages to shine their brightest, being proud of who they are!

Our team [family], is made up of artists, musicians and imagineers that have a true passion for teaching and sharing their gifts with the world! Each individual that has chosen to spread their Rainbow Light with us, is an open minded, kind hearted, generous soul that truly enjoys showing others the ins and outs of their craft!

Our focus at the Confluence will be to connect Children with nature, through a variety of creative art outlets. Educating children on the many magical properties and benefits of plants in our daily lives will be our goal, while having fun (of course)! The Rainbow Lightning team couldn’t feel more blessed to bring lots of hands on learning and creating to this amazing gathering!

So far… Joining us at the Good Medicine Confluence will be:

Taylor Martin [founder and visionary of the Youth Village]: She has put her heart and soul into perfecting the positive impact that Rainbow Lightning has for families and children at events over the last 6 years.  She has over 15 years experience working with children from all walks of life, and can’t wait to co-create with the Plant Healers! A tailor at heart, Taylor loves to share her passion for sewing, by hosting sewing workshops, creating costumes and playing dress up! She also loves to teach the history and art behind magical dreamcatchers… look out for her workshops at the confluence!

Franki Zinke: Faerie Craft

Sabrina Vedete RiverWolf: Yoga Adventure, Mystic Journey to find your Spirit Animal

Shea Peters EagleBear: Funky Ferments, Pickle Making 101, Super Food Smoothie Galactivation, Cacao Sillymony

Samantha Helm: Rock Painting, Faerie Wand Making, Seed Starters, Nature Scavenger Hunt

Brandi Kegley: Exploring the Embodiment of Trees: Come join us as we explore trees and their ancient healing properties. Taking a closer look at 11 trees from Colorado’s own back yard to across the globe. Embody the essence of a trees life cycle through yoga and free-flowing movements. In closing we will gather in circle to share in yummy samples from the many offerings from sacred trees.

Catherine Harley: Totem Medicine – A Playful Initiation] We will play, sing, dance, to call to us our animal spirit helper! Will it be your favorite animal, like a bear, a lion, or butterfly??? Is it one you never considered, such as a lizard, swan, or prairie dog? We will beckon the one who will guide us in the future toward our family of Nature beings.

Emily Lawler: Painting with Nature, Nature Mandalas and Plant Parts [Basic Botany!

Rob Treaphort: Animal Qi Gong and Toning

We are truly dedicated to holding space for youth, our future leaders! Rainbow Lightning Youth Village empowers self-expression through art, music, nature, and love!

Creating a community around new ideas and collaborative projects, our village of youth-fullness  is designed to re-connect each individual, no matter what age, with their inner child!

Reminding all who participate, just how good it feels to let your true self shine!

(Please Share With Other Parents — Thank you so much!)

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