Oct 082007

Lion’s Ear



Milk Thistle Leaves



Mystery Yellow Flower


Wild Hops

  4 Responses to “End of Season Weed Patch Pictures”

  1. i have never seen lion’s ear before. i love how the stem pierces the flower heads. to me, they appear to be about the same size as echinacea flower heads. is this correct?

  2. Actually, I think it’s about twice as big an Echinacea flower, but I’m not totally sure since I’ve not seen Echinacea very often.

  3. The mystery yellow flower is fireweed or Senecia madagascariensis and is a noxious weed dangerous to stock if eaten by them.

    • Thanks Helen, for commenting to this very old post (I didn’t even know people still read this far back, heh), but I believe it is actually Amauria dissecta (Bahia dissecta until very recently).

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