Sep 262007

It’s kinda funny, in the last few years I’ve seen countless warnings on Elder products to be cautious if one suffers from hypoglycemia because Elderflower has been shown to significantly lower blood sugar. I always thought this was strange, and rather counter-intuitive to my understanding of the plant as an overall modulator and nourisher.

Well guess what, it doesn’t just lower blood sugar, it’s capable of modulating it. I have treated about four different cases of hypoglycemia recently with Elderberry Elixir (with flower and berry) very successfully at least on a symptomatic level. Deeper underlying imbalances (like insulin resistance, food allergies and mineral deficiencies) must be addressed in order to really heal chronic hypoglycemia episodes, but Elderberry makes for an effective measure in the meantime. I have also had some results from treating elevated blood sugar with the same preparation. I expect to have more success in the future, but have had limited clinical opportunities thus far.

It works especially nicely if you give a dose (1/3 dropperful) as a preventative or just as they get to the clammy/dizzy/nauseous stage rather than waiting for the passing out or puking phase.

If you try it, lemme know about the results if you get a minute. Hell, if you try any of the suggestions or recipes in my blog, I’d welcome a response either through the comments or in an email.

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  1. good tip!! I’m going to run that by my fellow clinicians at the Evergreen Center for experimentation!
    Will let you know the response if there is any!
    i love just sipping on the elixir bottle once a day. Feels so fabulous! NOW your telling me you make it with flwoers too….
    DROOOL! Now i have to wait till next spring for flowers!! *sigh*

  2. Great, I’d love to hear feedback on it.

    I do often add premade Elderflower brandy to the elixir mix when I’m making it just cuz I’ve got lots of it and it seems better to include as much of the plant as possible. It works fine with dried flowers to BTW, or just add some separate fresh elderflower brandy to the mix.

  3. Hi All!

    I won’t comment today about your post, Kiva– because the subject is fascinating but kinda sorta out of my league. But I did want to share that Crowfoot has been a bit of ‘lurker’ on your blog in that he has been reading it for around 8 months now and has only just recently begun to comment on yer excellent blog…

    Only thing we might say here though is that it is so very good to see the high quality of your reader’s comments. They sure do seem to be an intelligent, experienced and sensitive bunch. Now Crowfoot might not be those things all that much, but he sure is enthusiastic and he sure is deeply in Love with everything he has ever found in our great Nature over the past 50 years… Your writings, Kiva, and your reader’s comments do help Crowfoot to fall in Love even more with what he but dimly understands when out in great Nature! Thanks a bunch.

    Yours from the great Sandia Mountains,
    Crowfoot and friends

  4. Crowfoot, thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    I think you’re selling yourself short saying you’re not intelligent and sensitive, you most surely are!

    Thanks so much for reading!


  5. Can’t wait to try this, I will be sure and get back to you with results!

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