Jul 072008

We just finished up the Shaman’s Path Intensive (more on that soon) and my brain is officially fried. I apologize if I’m a bit slow to get back to any emails or comments — after a weekend of non-stop intensity I feel a bit under water at the moment, but I am diving back into the flow of work and daily life. The drizzling gray skies and fragrance of moist earth and warm, wet plants is nearly enough to lull me to sleep this afternoon.

I’ll be journeying to the high mountains in the near future in search of some special high elevation medicines. In only 45 minutes of spiraling up (on a very rutted dirt road), we can go from the semi-arid middle mountains to sub-alpine area full of springs and wetland plants.

My ongoing work with the Medicine Woman system of energetics is coming together nicely, and I’ll soon be asking for volunteers to fill out a fairly extensive constitutional questionnaire. The purpose of this will be to confirm some of my understanding and check for any obvious holes in the method while tracking as many significant whole body patterns as possible. You don’t have to have any “health issues” to participate either, or be a woman. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

One benefit of being so busy I can’t think, is that when I’m choosing herbs for any given situation I find myself utilizing my intuition and experiential knowledge rather than overthinking the situation as I can be prone to do. Time and time again I’ve seen a Mugwort spit poultice in the field be just as effective as any pre-planned wound or bug-bite preparation. It’s fun too, to get to watch the Elderberry Elixir work yet again on someone coming down with a bug.

There’s more blogging fun happening soon, I have a nice long post on Ashwagandha that just keeps on growing and morphing as well as some Terms of the Trade to catch up on. Hopefully by then, I’ll have had more sleep and my brain will function well enough to write an in-depth post.

And, a happy birthday to my many July born friends including Ananda, Darcey Blue, Angie and Angie’s brand new son, Wyatt (well, actually he was born in the last days of June)!

  4 Responses to “Diving Back Into the Flow”

  1. Happy birthday to you too – almost! I hope you had a beautiful gathering and I look forward to all the new writing and stuff happening for you and Anima.

  2. Happy happy birthday to you too! missed you this weekend!
    rest up good. I’ll be more than happy to fill out your constutiional forms!:D

  3. Happy Birthday Ladies!

    Kiva.. I will be happy to volunteer for your survey.

  4. Happy Birthday to you too! Just catching up on my reading today- Whewwwww things have been busy but delightful! Hugs and Love from all of us!

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