Dec 132010

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us to take a break, after nonstop deadlines around the 2011 TWH Conference organizing and the production of the first ever Plant Healer Magazine.  There are still lots of tasks to be done this month on both projects, as well as tons of emails needing answering… but that said, we’ve still been treating the last few days as a bit of a break, and are feeling more relaxed and rewarded right now.  7Song, our valued herbalist ally and friend has been visiting and checking out what he can see of Anima Sanctuary’s plant life in Winter.  And for the past week we’ve had almost Summer-like weather, the “Indian Summer” Wolf had predicted.  While the nights have been getting down below freezing, the afternoons are brilliantly sunny are warm.

We take to heart the rewards of the work we do, the people we affect and community we so our part to help grow, the getting to work here in such a wild and special place, and the blessings of the plants.  And we’ve taken to heart the meaningful gifts we’ve received from folks since the conference, most recently one pulled last night from the volumes of careful padding that encased and protected it.  Sandwiched between clear glass is our poster memorializing the first annual Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference many of you attended last September, its peach toned canyon cliffs exaggerated by the complimentary hued and agate textured frame that surrounds it, each piece bound to the other by glimmering strips of beaded copper leading.  Herbalists and fellow wildland residents Denise and Pepper have blown us over with the beauty of this gift, the hours that went into its creation along with the suggestion of folks thinking about us so sweetly, and caring this much.

-Wolf & Kiva

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  1. A truly amazing gift that is well deserved. The first Plant Healer is beautiful and I value it highly. It makes me want to attend the herbal conference next September and soak up more of this creative energy. Bravo!

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