Jan 082007

1. Elder
2. Salvia (absolutely all of them, but especially S. reflexa, and S. apiana)

3. Wild Rose (my namesake, such an under-appreciated medicine)

4. Monarda/Oregano de la Sierra
5. Yarrow

6. Skullcap (esp. our sweet little native skullcaps)

7. Nettle

8. Mullein

9. Mexican Vervain

10. Western Mugwort

11. Goldenrod

12. Cottonwood

13. Yerba de la Negrita (Globemallow)

14. Red Root
15. Usnea

I’ve been digging Mullein roots and harvesting Alder bark recently, and I’ll hopefully have the chance to gather Red Root this week. And cottonwood buds sometime this month. I’m already anxious for Spring to arrive, I have a whole list of plants that I’m looking forward to exploring, especially Veronica, who grows wild by the river and seems sorely neglected by modern herbalism. As I learn, I shall post experiential info on her for all to see.

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