Jun 242015

The Traveling Medicine Show banner 72dpi


by Dara Saville

An Excerpt from the New Plant Healer book:

The Traveling Medicine Show: Pitchmen & Plant Healers of Early America

Full color – 104 pages 8×11 – $24 – Order from the Bookstore Page at:


Read the truth about the largely wonderful if oft maligned historic herb sellers, the unfortunate shift from plant medicines to harmful pharmaceuticals, and the benefits and joys of resurgent herbalism in this modern age…. in a fascinating full color book filled with over 500 lovely vintage and contemporary illustrations.  For your enjoyment we present here an opening piece by bioregional herbalist Dara Saville of Albuquerque Herbalism, director of the Yerba Mansa Restoration Project, regular contributor to Plant Healer Magazine, and valued teacher at New Mexico’s annual Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference.

Foreword II by Dara 1-72dpi

Foreword II by Dara 2-72dpiForeword II by Dara 4-72dpiForeword II by Dara 5-72dpiForeword II by Dara 6-72dpiTable of Contents-72dpiMedicine Show poster -72dpi

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