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For The 2018 Good Medicine Confluence – Plus RideShare Forum Open, & Event Details


Gigantic Class Schedule to Check Out

While we determine class topics early, we wait to post the exact schedule until the month before the Confluence, because of the inevitable last minute adjustments.  Teacher cancellations are the biggest issue, usually unexpected or worsening health situations.  By this point, we can be confident that most of the current schedule will remain unchanged at event time, and so we have uploaded it now for you all to see.  You will, of course, want to select which class you most want to attend in each of the many class slots.

Download the PDF:

Class Schedule: 2018 Good Medicine Confluence

If you haven’t already, you can read full descrips of the 2018 Classes – a broader, more diverse mix of topics and focus that has ever been seen before, and ever more true to our mission of celebrating plants and purpose, rocking the paradigm and empowering the people

Click to download the:

Class Descriptions: 2018 Good Medicine Confluence

And for the full Confluence details, see:

Good Medicine Confluence Website


An Event For All Kinds

The Confluence has evolved into a vessel and conveyance for every imaginable kind of person and practitioner, from kids to elders, all perspectives and shades of skin, all genders and beyond gender, mothers seeking herbs for treating their families and neighborhoods, activists and free clinic organizers, gardeners and home growers, culture shifters and stretchers, traditionalists and innovators, and people who – even when working with mainstream – prove to be visionaries beyond the norm. 


Give Yourself A New Bag of Tools… & an Alternate Reality

for 5 Days Next Month

Everybody who attends has an adventure getting there, from figuring out how to take time off from work or other obligations, to pulling together funds, and figuring out how to get from wherever to the forests and mesas around Durango.  Some of you sell medicines you make to pay your way, or even do fund raisers.  Some of you fly, others drive, or do ride-share, or take a train, or hitchhike.  The trip proves to be, again and again, not just a change in ecosystems or scenery, or a transition from city to rural vastness, but a transition into an alternate universe of mythic proportions, into exciting ways of seeing, perceiving, and feeling.  It isn’t easy to make it happen, but time at the Confluence is all the more powerful because of the degree of self care and determined intention it entails.  If it matters enough, let’s find a way to get you there!


Day Passes Now Available

Those of you unable to attend the entire 5 days, can opt to purchase Day passes for those days that you can be there.  Day Passes are now up for sale, by going to the Registration Page from the:

Good Medicine Confluence Website


Assistance With Attending

We have already awarded more than the planned number of free scholarships this year, to those most challenged or disadvantaged.  But don’t let that stop you if you need help and really, really badly want to come!  Help with outreach, offer barter, or promise to make payments.

Plant Healer Event Assistance Application:



RideShare & RoomShare Forum Open For The

Good Medicine Confluence

The event Forum is now open and ready to post on, if you need a ride to this annual event from anywhere in the country, if you have space in your vehicle to offer a ride, or if you want to hook up with someone to share one of the two-bed rooms.

Click “Forum” in the drop down menu on the:

Good Medicine Confluence Website


Evening Classes, Sunday Bonus Classes, & Free Intensives

Unlike you might expect, we include for the first time Wed. and Thurs. evening classes, Sunday bonus classes, and extra long Intensives, in the one low registration price.


Super Cheap Lodging & Awesome Buffet

It’s kinda crazy that you can be in what is essentially a beautiful Colorado mountain resort town, and have the option of $21 a night lodging.  If you are interested, be sure to RESERVE your room SOON before they sell out.

The price for a 5-day gourmand buffet is impossible to beat as well, and they’d like you to reserve you meals plan this month if possible so they can plan how many supplies to stock.  Here is a link to download the special 5 day menu, in case you want to check it out:

2018 Good Medicine Confluence Menu


To purchase a discounted meals plan from the school, call the ever helpful Greg Weiss at:



Masquerade Ball & 2 Nights of Dancing & Revelry

Friday night will be our annual Plants & Faeries Ball (come dressed as you really are!), on the roof under the stars, with tribal bass dance tunes by Durango’s beloved DJ Codestar.  Saturday night begins with group photos and another full night of dancing and celebration… with a full bar both times.


We Hope to See You There!

Kiva and I are always deeply touched to see your face and feel your presence, as together we make an experience that can last us all throughout the long months of busyness and sometimes isolation that fall between each annual rendezvous.  We really hope you can do what it take to make it there.  And if not, we’ll commiserate afterwards, beginning with some pictures of this year’s Confluence in the June issue of Herbaria Monthly.

Wishing everyone all the best

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